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Richard Siddle: why Georges Barbier sets the standards for rest of on-trade suppliers

The UK on-trade is particularly well blessed to have such a choice of small, dedicated, highly focused and passionate wine suppliers that can offer a wide range of eclectic, innovative and edgy wines.  Many of which, like Red Squirrel Wine and Indigo Wine, are relatively still new kids on the block. But the idea of […]

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Cher Monsieur Moore, cher Monsieur Blech, Je vous remercie tout particulièrement de l’intérêt porté à notre concours international de livres sur la Vigne et le Vin, et la confiance que vous avez accordée au Jury spécialisé de l’Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin. J’ai l’immense plaisir de vous annoncer que le Jury 2016 […]

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Elgin – coastal cool climate gems from the Cape

A southerly view from the vineyards of the Iona Wine Farm Elgin WO (Wine of Origin) is one of the smaller wine districts in South Africa’s Cape wine lands and is now a part of the Cape South Coast region, which includes a number of cooler climate winegrowing areas. Located around an hour’s drive east […]

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Summer Holiday Sale

Get Your 20% Discount Coupon Code Here! As you sit sampling the local wine whilst you are on your holiday in foreign climes and just thinking how good that wine is and how cheap it is compared with what you would have to pay for it back home, you are wondering how the hell you […]

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A Wine Drinkers Poll

Hi… Today we got some new software and wanted to have a little bit of fun with poll’s, we decided to start today with a great question…. How often do you drink wine? Not a bad place to start in a wine guide website. Enjoy the polls and have some fun, we will start to […]

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A summary of the Bordeaux Primeurs

Bordeaux 2015: Day 1 Been up since 5.30 and it’s now past midnight! Exhausting day’s tastings. 8 am L’Evangile, 8.45 Nenin, 9.15 Syndicat Pomerol, 10.15 Syndicat St Emion, 11.00 Pavie, 11.30 Ausone, 12.30 Baguette in a St Emilion boulangerie, drive to Barsac to arrive at Climens at 3.00, 3.45 Yquem, 4.30 UCGB tasting of 26 […]

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A Sad Loss

What a sad loss there has been to the world of gastronomy occasioned by the untimely death of chef Benoît Violier, who committed suicide at the age of 44. Voted the best chef in the world by his peers, Benoît headed the eponymously-named restaurant at Crissier, just outside Lausanne in Switzerland. The building which housed […]

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