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Midsummer House

Midsummer House is a very lovely seemingly unassuming country cottage hiding one of the very best restaurants in the country behind its façade. Daniel Clifford is an amazing chef, well deserving of the 2 Michelin stars awarded to him. It was good to have food that was not too clever by half and dishes that […]

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Studio 6

When the Festival of Britain opened on London’s South Bank in 1951, it was a fine attempt to put behind some of the post war austerity and to give the public something to look forward to in days to come. When the exhibition finished, only the Festival Hall (now the Royal Festival Hall) and a […]

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Best Restaurant in Luxembourg

The Best Restaurant in Luxembourg If one wants to visit the famous vineyards in the Moselle, the nearest airport is Luxembourg and then it’s quite a short drive to the vineyards. I have done this many times and have usually had at least one night in Luxembourg City itself. Without a doubt there, my favourite […]

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Not quite following on to Shakespeare’s idea of camaraderie triumphing over love, these two restaurants are just about as far away in style as you could have in a small town that boasts of historic diversity of gastronomy. Borsari 36 is a chic, modern, stylishly decorated restaurant, which is part of the upmarket Palazzo Victoria […]

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Restaurant Crissier

It’s about 20 years since I last visited the little village of Crissier, just outside Lausanne, particularly to eat at Giradet, then considered to be the best restaurant in the world. I had been there a couple of times before and was amazed – not only for the finesse of the cuisine, but also for […]

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