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Product Description

Alessandro Masnaghetti is one of the most respected wine writers in the world – he is even highly respected in Bordeaux, which is something for an Italian!

From being the first editor of the Veronelli Guide to Italian Wines in 1990 to producing his own Wine Letter, Enogea, to the present day, he has been instrumental in bringing to international notice, the finest of Italian wines and their producers.

For the last eight years, Alessandro has been producing vineyard maps of the best Italian Crus (and some Bordeaux Crus) in painstaking detail, with notes on the vineyards and their owners, resulting in not only a product of esoteric beauty, but also an educational guide to the student and enthusiast alike. I have the privilege of being Alessandro’s exclusive UK agent for his maps.

Now Alessandro has come up with the ultimate in illustrated wine books, written in both Italian and English, embracing detailed personal knowledge of every facet of one of his favourite wine producing areas – Barolo. This lavishly illustrated book is a “must” for all wine lovers – and for lovers of Barolo – the Holy Grail!

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