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South African wineries start petition to halt sand mines being built in iconic Swartland

South African winemakers in the highly influential and important wine region of Swartland are facing the prospect of two two large sand mines being built in the area of Paardeberg. This follows the decision by the local Municipality to issue two new sand mine licenses. A move that has galvanised support across  both the South African […]

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Australia’s strategy to push more premium wines is working in the UK and Europe

Australia’s strategy to drive a more premium offer in the UK and Europe appears to be working with the latest set of export figures showing bottled wine is increasing whilst bulk is in decline. Whilst 80% of the wine shipped to the UK from Australia comes in bulk that share declined by 14% in 2016 […]

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European Union wine subsidies favour the bigger wine producing countries

New research has revealed that when it comes to handing out subsidies and support it it some of Europe’s wealthiest and most established wine countries that get more better than countries you might think are more in demand. A new study published in the Journal of Wine Economics, shows its the EU’s riches countries that receive […]

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