“Wine Insiders” Release Their Long Awaited Guide To Help You Accurately Assess the World’s Finest Wines & Wineries

Everything You Need to Know About How To Rate The World's Finest Wines ... all in one convenient place!

"By far the best of Wine Guides" - Steven Spurrier: Decanter Magazine

Anyone Who Has Tried to Find The Best Guide To Reviewing and Rating The World’s Wines ... Knows It’s No Easy Task

It’s no secret ... becoming an expert on the world's finest wines, is no easy task.It’s simply difficult to find exactly what you need to know ... and it can be extremely frustrating.

Finding the kind of painstaking detail that you absolutely know you need to do your job properly ... is a daunting task.

So, short of actually visiting all of these wineries and vineyards yourself personally ... Just what CAN you do?

You no doubt …Tried multiple limited guides, to try to cover different regions ... and we’ll bet that cost you more than you’d perhaps care to admit!• Tried searching online ...

Say no more ... we ALL know just how much confusion THAT can lead to!... and ... you’ve probably also ...• Joined forums and Newsletter groups too ... but you still haven’t got the results you’re looking for

Well Finally ... You Can Easily Assess the Best Wines From Around The World 

All In ONE Convenient Place!

Neville Blech - Co-Editor

David Moore - Co-Editor

Hello, my name is Neville Blech ... and trust me, my business partner and Co-Editor, David Moore and I,  both know exactly how frustrated you feel.

These days though ... we have a much, much easier time of it ... and here’s why.

After more than a decade of meticulous and painstaking research, travel and writing, we have compiled THE definitive compendium of the world's greatest wines ...

... all reviewed, rated and contained in ONE single, comprehensive volume!

In truth, the project has been a huge “Labour of Love” ... but it is a guide that has been continually updated over the years, to the point where it now provides the world's best Sommeliers and wine experts with a comprehensive “One-Stop-Solution” to their needs.

The result, is that it has already become the essential “Go To” Guide for a huge number of the world’s leading Sommeliers and wine experts, helping them to make much more informed decisions about the wines they want to promote and recommend.

But we’ve never forgotten the frustration that we both felt before we created it.

At times, creating the Guide seemed like an endless task ... and we often felt almost overwhelmed ... But we were determined not to give up!

As with all highly-detailed reference works, especially ones quite as ambitious as ours, “roadblocks” were a constant reality. And trust me, we had our share of those.

But no matter how frustrated we ever felt, we pressed though, because we wanted so badly to create the ultimate one-stop Wine Guide

In truth, we wanted to create a Guide that contained all of the information that WE thought we would ever need ... And That was the mission that drove us on

We DIDN’T want to have to trawl through endless volumes of books to find out what we needed

We DIDN’T have the patience to scour archives like that, every time we needed information

I’m sure you know exactly what we mean .... and maybe you have felt similar frustrations yourself

You may have tried almost every guide out there ... We’ve all done it, and it just doesn’t work!

You probably searched online ... and we all know just how confusing and time consuming that can be!

You probably even joined Newsletters and Forums ... which just ended up wasting more of your time!

It was Einstein who said, that “The definition of insanity, is doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results”! ...

Well … being relatively sane people, we decided NOT to go down that road, which is how we now find ourselves promoting, what we genuinely feel is “the best of the wine guides” as Steven Spurrier of Decanter Magazine so generously put it, after reviewing our Guide!

We too had looked around, and saw that other wine guides on the market just weren't as detailed as we wanted ours to be. Which is why we’re so glad that you found your way to our page ...

and why we can’t wait to introduce you to …

Wine Behind The Label

The Wine Guide That Puts Ratings For The World's Finest Wines

... literally “at your fingertips”!

This is how “Wine Behind The Label” will work for you:

1. It will give you a wine-by-wine analysis of all of the world's major wineries and vineyards ...

2. It will provide you with detailed maps of all of the world's major wine regions, giving you a visual overview of exactly where the wines come from ... all without having to actually visit them!

3. It will allow you to access expert opinions and ratings on over 18,000 wines ... so that you will never again struggle for informed opinion.

4. It is a “one volume”, hard-backed or Digital reference work, forming ONE concise yet all-encompassing reference library!

Here’s What Some Of Our Critics Had to Say About our Multi-Award Winning Guide

"Could well become the annual Guide, by which all others are judged"!


By far the best of wine guides

Steven Spurrier - Decanter Magazine

“I would strongly recommend this Guide”

Dr. Edward Fitzgerald - Oxford University Wine Society

“OK You May be Saying ... It Sounds Great ... But How

Much Will A Guide Like That Cost Me?”

You Can Buy the “Wine Behind The Label” Guide in 2 Formats, Digital or Hard Cover

The 2250 Page Digital Guide is Only £29

The 936 page Hard Cover Guide is Only £50

Wine behind the label   

9th edition Physical Book

Now extensively re-written and expanded with maps and more in this most comprehensive 936 page Award Winning Guide,

Wine behind the label   

9th edition Digital eBook

Now with photos as well as maps in this 2,248 page Award Winning Guide, the guide now has links to the producers’ websites and full digital search facilities

But ... We Also Know That Some People Prefer To “Try Before You Buy”

And so ... with that in mind ... we have created a COMPLETELY FREE Mini Version of “Wine Behind The Label” ... so that you can “Taste & See” for yourself, just exactly why the critics have raved so much about our Guide!

The mini version of the guide covers and gives the Full Overview of all 30 regions and countries taken from the Full 9th edition Guide...

Now please allow us to walk you through an introduction to the guide, in it, we will briefly cover some of its history as well as show you how to get the best out of it.  You really will get a feel for the quality and depth of the Guide

Editors David Moore and Neville Blech, along with their hard-working team of contributors, have diligently prepared the most meticulously researched version of the Guide, ever produced.

We'll also share some deep insights into how it was formulated, sharing with you, full descriptions about the factors that we took into consideration, in actually rating the wines and vineyards."

Wine Behind the Label

Wine behind the label
The ultimate guide to the world’s leading wine producers and their wines
9th edition
Edited by David Moore and Neville Blech

Our concept...

We remain committed to providing both depth and criticism about quality wines whatever their provenance and from as many quality wine producers as possible. It is a guide for enthusiasts or would-be enthusiasts, not for those who can’t detect any differences or don’t care to, yet it is a
reference that is accessible to the novice and learned alike.

The 9th edition sees a further significant expansion in our reach, uncovering many more producers - both from the classic regions but also reflecting the quality being obtained in places that don’t make the headlines. As ever, it is still far from exhaustive but hopefully there’s plenty to sustain your interest.. For those new to Wine behind
the label we have repeated below what you can expect to find as well as some of our thoughts
about wine and winemaking.

"For me, by far the best of the wine guides..."

"An incredibly in-depth and addictively readable survey of wines of quality from around the world with intelligent tasting notes and informative background to the producers, plus stockists and UK prices."

  Steven spurrierDecanter Magazine

Behind the label...

The industrial mentality which has given us brilliant cars and computers doesn’t have a place in high quality wine (or food) production. An essential difference between a high production brand and one produced on a more human scale is the personal effort and commitment that the family or individuals who make it have put into it. We therefore highlight individuality and character over more boring standardized production. We also attempt to bring the producer a little closer to whoever is drinking their wine so that some inkling of their philosophy and effort might enrich the enjoyment the wine brings.

We lend our support particularly to small producers and talented winemakers, and wherever we see honesty and integrity but every quality wine is considered on its merits. A small producer, no matter how earnest or sincere, will not make good wine if he or she doesn’t manage the vineyards well and employ sound winemaking practice. Equally, spending exorbitant sums on PR and marketing doesn’t always mean the wine in the bottle is poor – though it is likely given the money spent that it could be better value.

"With its championing of authenticity of origin, gifted winemakers, smaller producers, organic and biodynamic winemaking, as well as its wealth of detail, this could well become the annual guide by which all others are judged."

Fine wine magazine

Wine behind the label   

9th edition Physical Book

Physical Hardback Book 

Now extensively re-written and expanded with maps and more in this most comprehensive 936 page Award Winning Guide,

Wine behind the label   

9th edition Digital eBook

Now with photos as well as maps in this 2,248 page Award Winning Guide, the guide now has links to the producers’ websites and full digital search facilities

Winemaking and a wine’s origins...

We’ve tried to provide information about where quality and character come from - the most relevant aspects of winemaking, viticulture and vineyard site that contribute to what’s in your glass. There is also information on the extent of a wine’s manipulation such as fining or filtration, and whether organic or biodynamic principles are employed. In the last decade we have witnessed the increasing acceptance of the importance of terroir in tandem with a continued trend to more vineyard specific wine production.

Where great wine is a combination of several small parcels it is our hope that more producers will provide details of the individual plots that contribute to the wine’s character. In some cases, celebrated labels are now no longer based on the top vineyard sites that brought early acclaim (whether a Bordeaux classed growth or elsewhere in Europe or the new world).

We are also keeping tabs on some of the most famous names where the pursuit of profit, lacklustre direction or a change of ownership may have compromised quality. On the other hand we point out where a new, often more highly-trained, generation has made a positive impact or where outside investment has
resulted in a new lease of life.

"I would strongly recommend this excellent guide..."

"If you are passionate about your wine and pay serious attention to sampling the world’s finest bottles then this book should be on your shelf... "

Dr Edward FitgeraldOxford University Wine Society

Really useful stuff...

This guide does contain a lot of information about producers and their wines. In this edition well over 3,000 producers are covered in depth. Furthermore over 18,000 wines are rated and price coded. While some of world’s finest wines can be hard to get hold of in many instances there is a first point of contact that will sell direct by mail-order or over the Internet. In addtion there are a number of features that will help you find the information you want more quickly. The lists of producers by appellation or region (at the end of each section’s introduction) is an excellent way to find or familiarize yourself with producers from a favourite area.

Where possible there are also single page map inserts for quick reference to less well-known regions or appellations. For the many readers who only have time to dip in and out of the book we would encourage you to use the ‘Author’s Choice’ lists at the end of each section. These contain at least one wine from most of a region’s
best producers and make a useful alternative starting point to discovering new wines. In particular the ‘Value for money’ lists highlight some of the best buys. Given that exciting new producers are emerging all the time we have included a ‘Work in progress’ list covering those we will be assessing in
future editions.

"This is Robert Parker territory but succinct and cheaper"

Joanna simonThe Sunday Times  

Tasting, ratings and assessing producers...

Our Quality Rating (see How to Use this guide) is intended to give a truer assessment of wine quality than a vintage dependent point score. It is nearly always based on scores from a minimum of two recent vintages. Wine shows and competitions encourage the production of wines of flattering first impressions but don’t always reward those that show at their best with age. Nor do they address the implications of the vintage characteristics. Rather than a snapshot, consensual tasting mentality we believe in tasting wines again and again (both blind and non-blind) in order to gain a better understanding of a wine’s style and when it should be drunk.

A rating combined with an understanding of the style is the key to discovering the best wines, and that means those you will most enjoy. Before choosing a bottle for immediate consumption always ask yourself which wine works best now, reflects my mood, personality, or that of my friends or family? What flavours do I want? How much flavour? By buying wine for cellaring it will be possible to contrast different vintages of the same wine. Alternatively from a case of the same wine the gradual development and increasing maturity of a specific vintage can be assessed over a decade or more.

Summary Conclusion...

Think of this book as a catalogue to a vast array of vinous riches. Choose with the certainty of trying wines of dependable quality that our labours and experience provide through our rating system. If you haven’t tasted Austrian Grüner Veltliner or Californian Syrah then try a three star example from at least two or three profiled producers.

Buy the best new reds from the Languedoc-Roussillon, Southern Italy, Spain or Portugal. In the past five years Germany has made better Riesling than ever before but contrast these with those from Alsace, Austria or Australia. Discover a wealth of fine Pinot Noir from Central Otago, Victoria & Tasmania or North America. Alternatively seek out new names from the classic regions such as Burgundy, Bordeaux or the Rhône, Tuscany or Piedmont, Napa or South Australia. Most of all we implore you to taste more widely.

Wine behind the label   

9th edition Physical Book

Physical Hardback Book 

Now extensively re-written and expanded with maps and more in this most comprehensive 936 page Award Winning Guide,

Wine behind the label   

9th edition Digital eBook

Now with photos as well as maps in this 2,248 page Award Winning Guide, the guide now has links to the producers’ websites and full digital search facilities

Groundbreaking Winemakers 9th edition

We have made these selections for the sheer impact the wines from these groundbreakers have
had on us. Some are individual winemakers, some work in a number of regions while others lead
a number of properties. Success often appears to come quickly but we are only too aware of
the many years of hard work needed to achieve such results. For a glimpse of what makes these
winemakers special you can look up the relevant entries but you would do better to try some of
their recent releases alongside other wines from the region or elsewhere.

eBook / Pdf version includes search facility

Includes regional maps and local vineyard images

All wines rated for quality and price.

Stellar Cellars 9th edition

As well as the award winning winemakers of this edition, there are many producers that stand out for the quality of their current releases. We have opted with this edition to amend our approach with many more producers awarded with rosettes to reflect the quality of their work. These are our choices of cellars that continue to produce compelling releases. From large or diverse areas we have chosen names offering contrasting styles or interpretations. Some are well-established stars, but there may be others challenging the established order or injecting new life into a region.

All Stellar Cellar award winners from this edition are evidenced by a single red rosette symbol preceding their entry in the guide. Those producers who received a Stellar Cellar award in previous editions have a mono rosette. Producers, who in our opinion, have been continuing to maintain exceptional standards or provide a regional benchmark over a number of years are evidenced by two green rosettes. All make wines that should be tried at least once.

How to use the Guide...

The major part of this guide is split into regional or country sections. Within each one you will find an
Introduction including, where possible, Vintage information. This is followed by a list of the producers
(by region or appellation) that have been profiled within the A-Z that makes up the bulk of the
section. At the end of the A-Z of producers, other quality wines tasted from the region are included
in Other Wines of Note. The wines listed here are only those of sufficient quality that have been
tasted - in some instances other good wines from the same producer exist. Work in Progress includes
(often new) estates or producers that we will be assessing for the next edition. At the very end of
each section under Author’s Choice we have added lists of wines that are a personal selection but are
also often themed by a shared style or grape variety and so should aid navigation. For Individual A-Z
entries see the sample entry below. The use of CAPS (eg Louis JADOT) indicates the existence of a
cross-referenced entry that can be found using the search function.

Example Profile...

Wine Behind The Label

The Perfect Solution for all wine professionals and enthusiasts.

  1. Wine behind the label Guide: 9th edition.      The award winning guide is now fully revised, updated and enlarged.
  2. Now 2248 pages: The guide includes 30 different wine regions or countries, around 4000 producers and over 18000 wines rated & reviewed
  3.   Immediate digital eBook download: The guide is available for immediate download in eBook / pdf format

Wine behind the label   

9th edition Physical Book

Physical Hardback Book 

Now extensively re-written and expanded with maps and more in this most comprehensive 936 page Award Winning Guide,

Wine behind the label   

9th edition Digital eBook

Now with photos as well as maps in this 2,248 page Award Winning Guide, the guide now has links to the producers’ websites and full digital search facilities

See what more of our customers have to say:

"As essential to the sommelier as their corkscrew"

Paul Dwyer BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Scotland

"... a guide that’s immediately established itself as more or less indispensable."

Peter McCombie MW Restaurant Magazine

"I heartily recommend this book as a thorough independent overview of the worlds
best wine estates"

Tom Cannavan Wine-Pages.com

"I'm a Huge Fan!"

Hugh johnson

thank you, we know you will love the guide

So a huge “Thank You” for getting this far, and we hope that you’ve seen, heard, and read, enough to want to experience the “Wine Behind The Label" Guide.

We also realise though, that the world’s bookshops are veritably groaning with choice, when it comes to wine. But if you’re someone who has “an eye for the extraordinary”, which we suspect that you may be, then we’re sure that by now you realise, that you have at your fingertips, the opportunity to experience the very best.

Like some of the finest wines that we’ve reviewed in the guide, “The Wine Behind The Label" Guide too, has matured, become more robust, and has aged into what it has now become; a classic.

But don’t take out word for it, review again the testimonials, on this page alone, and you’ll see that it’s an opinion shared by some of the most prestigious wine experts on the planet.

Signed : David and Neville

Wine behind the label   

9th edition Physical Book

Physical Hardback Book 

Now extensively re-written and expanded with maps and more in this most comprehensive 936 page Award Winning Guide,

Wine behind the label   

9th edition Digital eBook

Now with photos as well as maps in this 2,248 page Award Winning Guide, the guide now has links to the producers’ websites and full digital search facilities

P.S. Please remember too, that if for any reason you’re still undecided, then you can always “Try Before You Buy”, by downloading your complimentary  "Complete Wine Behind The Label Mini Guide” HERE. This 430+ page mini guide is extracted directly from the main “Wine Behind The Label" Guide, so you will be experiencing exactly how the main guide works, and the knowledge that it is capable of imparting.

Please watch Neville and David take you through a short 6 minute introduction and overview of the guide.

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