Spain is king when it comes to global bulk wine trades

When it comes to bulk wine then Spain stands heads and shoulders above the rest of the world of wine, accounting for half of the top 10 bulk wine trading routes around the world.

That is according to the latest figures released by the American Association of Wine Economists.  The figures have raised some eyebrows in Europe when you look at how much wine is shipped between Spain and France. So much so in fact you wonder if there is enough wine to go around.

The figures show that in 2016 there was 511.05 (in 1000s of tons) of wine moved between Spain and France 2015, which works out as than twice the size of the second biggest trading route between Italy and Germany at 251.95.

Spain’s other Top 10 routes include:

* Spain to Germany: 250.63

* Spain to Italy: 133.17

* Spain to Portugal: 122.21

* Spain to Russia: 99.29

The other Top 10 routes are:

Fourth: Australia to the UK at 204.17

Sixth: South Africa to Germany at 126.16

Eighth: Chile to China at 104.41

Tenth: France to Germany at 98.58

Noticeably despite the UK’s importance as a key bulk wine market, it is striking that even if you add up all the major trading deals between key wine producing countries it does not match up to the amount of wine being shipped from Spain to France.

UK’s business with Australia (204.17), the US (65.09), South Africa (59.01), Chile (48.62) and Italy (43.88) only comes to 420.77 which is still well behind the business Spain is doing with France.


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Neville Blech

Qualified as a chartered accountant in 1959 and became passionate about food and wine whilst working in Italy in the early sixties.

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