Wine behind the label – 9th edition

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After two hard years of updating and editing, Wine behind the label 9th edition is born! Editors David Moore and Neville Blech along with their team of contributors have provided the most comprehensive overhaul of the project in its extensive history. As well as the guide there will be much else to look forward to in the coming months.

It really did get to the stage where we were updating the updates, but we finally drew the line and the ebook version of the whole guide is now available at 49USD/29GBP

There are now photos as well as maps in the 2,200 plus pages, which the guide has now grown to, with links to producers’ websites and the usual ebook search facilities

If this is too much to digest in one go – we are in the process of producing Kindle versions of regions or countries that will you will be able to buy through Amazon at 2.99USD/1.99GBP and a complete Kindle Guide for 49USD/29GBP

The most exciting new feature of the guide is the new award system we have devised. Those who have had previous editions of the guide will recall that we awarded in each edition a winemaker award for those star winemakers who have made the most impact on us during the period of research for that edition. In this 9th edition we have expanded our choices from about three to twelve. As well as the award winning winemakers of this edition, there are many producers that stand out for the quality of their current releases. We have opted with this edition to amend our approach with many more producers awarded with rosettes to reflect the quality of their work. These are our choices of cellars that continue to produce compelling releases. From large or diverse areas we have chosen names offering contrasting styles and wine growing approaches. Some are well-established stars, but there may be others challenging the established order or injecting new life into a region.

All Stellar Cellar award winners from this edition are evidenced by a single red rosette symbol preceding their entry in the guide. Those producers who received a Stellar Cellar award in previous editions have a mono rosette. Producers, who in our opinion, have been continuing to maintain exceptional standards or provide a regional benchmark over a number of years are evidenced by two green rosettes. All make wines that should be tried at least once.

There will, of course, be a number of new entries – producers who we have discovered to be worthy of the highest accolades but sadly also some entries which will have been deleted due to closure, death, merger, or just, in our opinion, not maintaining the standards which we had hitherto expected from them.

The other exciting development is that we are completely revamping our website and whilst there will be plenty of free content on it, we will be organizing an exclusive interactive membership section, whereby members will be able to follow our daily movements in researching for the next edition with regular video updates on what we are up to. There will be interviews with winemakers, owners, restaurateurs and anything else connected with wine, food and travel and you will be the first to get the updated entries and all new entries for the next edition. We will be videoing some of our tasting sessions so that you can see how we work and there will be frequent interactive discussion webinars with members on current topics of interest. We are aiming to make our members’ website a true community opportunity for everyone to have their say on gastronomy in the widest possible term.

As a part of the website membership Wine behind the label will be fully searchable and interactive with links to winery websites as well as shopping links to buy their wines around the globe. Major regional guides will also be published. These include a new 2nd edition of the Spanish guide España Vino, a new edition of French Wines behind the label, as well as guides to Italy and the west coast of the USA. Readers should also look out for a hardcover print edition of Wine behind the label coming soon. The definitive A Guide to the Wines of England & Wales can also be purchased and don’t overlook the excellent Masnaghetti Italian vineyard maps and Zalto glassware.

Once the members’ website is up and running, we will be offering three months FREE membership for anyone who buys the pdf download and then there will be the opportunity to continue at discounted rates. Buyers of 3 Kindle regional guides or more will be given one month’s free membership.

Further down the line, we will be offering members the possibility to be able to OWN part of Wine Behind The Label Ltd, with UK investors qualifying for a substantial tax break on their investment. These funds will utilised to develop suitable apps, the publication of several regional Travel and Taste guides. More detail about the Seeds Enterprise Investment Scheme at a later date.

The first step along the road to gastro heaven is to buy the download of Wine behind the label. This will open doors to an exciting journey where you can travel as little or as far as you want. We hope that you will be able to make that journey with us all the way.

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