British Airways comes up trumps again

British Airways comes up trumps again

Well, British Airways have come up trumps again by supplying the best wine in steerage class that we have ever come across again. Last year, the red quarter bottle choice on my frequent flights to Italy was a very acceptable Côtes du Rhône called Mas Joséphine – a lovely, Grenache/Cincault/Carignan/Syrah blend with nice red berry, spicy fruit which was just the job with your plastic sandwich (until they abolished the sandwich).

This year, it has been replaced by a lovely, in-your-face Argentinian Malbec from the Argento winery – black fruit, dark and chewy with a bit more oomph than the Joséphine (and a bit more alcohol at 14%). So maybe you should be a bit careful at the rent-a-car at the other end. And it’s still free!

A far cry from the USA stinges who have the nerve to charge you $6 for a 25c wine which tastes like you have licked the backs of a thousand envelopes!

Well done BA, you are still my favourite airline!

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