Cullen Wines needs your help!

Cullen Wines needs your help!

Those of you who are Bacchanalians or who have downloaded the 7th edition of Wine Behind Tne Label will know that Cullens Wines in Western Australia are one of our Stellar Cellars of the year.

Here’s a plea from them to see if you can help to stop their wines being ruined.

Cullen Wines needs your support to protect the Wine Industry for the future!!

We seek your support by signing our online petition at

A brewery has been proposed to be developed on the property immediately north of Cullen Wines. Whilst the Busselton Shire has recently ruled against this on the basis that it is “incompatible” with our vineyard operations this decision is expected to go to the State Administrative Tribunal on appeal.

The risk is that yeast cells from the brewery will escape and contaminate the wild yeasts in our vineyard. We use these yeasts to ferment grapes and make our wine. This is likely to have negative effects on the quality of our wines. These risks have been supported by a report from the Australian Wine Research Institute.

Cullen Wines uses natural wild yeast ferments and biodynamic farming and winemaking. We believe that this allows us to make higher quality wines that are more individual and complex – that truly reflect our vineyard site and terroir.

Australian wineries are being encouraged to strive for quality and individuality. In the future there is likely to be many wineries using natural yeast ferments as they strive to make wines that are more individual, complex and that reflect their terroir. Quality vineyard areas need protection for the future! Government and Planners need to act on this to protect and support our industry!

Thank you.

The Cullen Wines Team


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