Hurrah ! for my i Pad

Hurrah ! for my i Pad

When you get a new toy, you sometimes wonder what is the best way to enjoy it. My wife bought me an iPad for my birthday recently and after a few one-to-one sessions at my local Apple store, I’m finally getting the hang of it.

Naturally, I wanted to make as much use of as I could in my work as a wine writer. I initially downloaded a couple of wine apps. which I hoped would assist me in taking notes and keeping  scores. Both of them proved to be pretty useless.

Wines for i Pad is very much geared to the American consumer, inasmuch that, for example, there is no space to put in an appellation or other official rating although there is a space called “Region”. There are other, small, irritating things, like a pretty basic grape glossary and some useless buttons, like the one that only lets you sort things in one way. The big downside here, however, is the inability (at least in my version) to make tasting notes, although there appears to be a space for doing so it doesn’t allow you to type anything in it. Still, at £1.18, I suppose I’ll have to write it off to experience.

My Wine LogPad costs even less (59 pence) but at least here there is space for tasting notes although the rest of the application is pretty basic. Wines can only be red, white or other (whatever that might be) and apart from that you can only write in Name, Year, Place, Flavor (for which there is a drop-down menu of only 18 varietals – but you can type in your own), Own it (Yes, No, Like to) with a sub heading of Bottle Count, Cost and Current Value, but the big drawback here is that you can only populate these spaces if you indicate that you own it – if you don’t, there’s no way of entering the price. Finally, there is a rating scale form 1 to 5 and that’s about it.

Of the two, I would say that My Wine LogPad is the most user-friendly of the two, but it’s pretty basic and if it’s just used as a quick log – then it has done its job.

For my part, until I find something better (or get someone to finance the development of my own app.), I am going to write my notes on the Pages app. which I downloaded from the Apple Store. This is an Apple software and what you basically get is a blank page to write on – so I can design my pages in the way that will be most suitable to me. However, the great thing about it is that I can email it to my computer (or anyone else) as an attachment which can either be as Pages, a Word Document or a PDF. That’s incredibly cool. Pages costs £5.99 to download, but well worth it.

Another great plus for my i Pad is that I synced the Wine Behind The Label pdf from my computer where it sits perfectly on the books section of my i Pad, which is a lot less heavy to carry around with you than the printed version of the book. If you want to search for a producer name, a wine, or any other word, the search facility lists every instance of the word in the book and you can rapidly go to that page by simply touching the search result. I actually find this much better than using the index in the book!


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