Boxcar Deli & Grill – Real meat restaurant

Boxcar Deli & Grill – Real meat restaurant

There are hamburger joints and hamburger joints plus and now we have discovered a hamburger joint plus. Well, it’s not JUST  a hamburger joint because there is also real, tender, delicious beef available, sliced off the rib and cooked just the way you like it.

Boxcar has only been open for 3 weeks and here is an interview I did with Matt Gregson-Jones, one of the directors of the company behind it, explaining the philosophy.

Boxcar is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the short menus makes no pretences as being haute cuisine, but instead concentrates on the quality of the ingredients, particularly the beef.


Here’a a couple of shots of the beef

















There is also a vegetarian burger in keeping with modern trends and political correctness, so they do cater for all tastes, but in any event all their ingredients are sourced locally from farms in the UK and whilst not necessarily being organic (“organic is just a label” as Matt says in the interview) it certainly comes from sources where they believe in best farming practices.

There is pork and bacon from rare bred British pork and British salads and vegetables in season and although the menus are short, there still seems to be a reasonable choice to cater for all tastes, but the USP of this restaurant is definitely the emphasis on quality.

Perhaps what would really complete the choices on this menu is a good, old fashioned steak tartare. Sonia has produced a recipe for this on our members only pages and it might be worth signing up just to get a look at it (amongst other goodies, of course). Any of the red wines on the short wine list would go with the tartare, but if I had to plump for one, the dark and brooding Malbec from the Château de Cèdre in Cahors (£9 a glass, £30 a bottle) would be just the ticket for this dish although the wines from Southern Italy on the list would not be far behind.

The wine list is short, too with just 5 red, 5 white, 1 rosé and 2 fizz all sourced from the excellent Philglas and Swiggot shop next door. The producer provenance is not shown on all of them and it would me most useful if they could do that when they next update their wine list. Service was swift, friendly and efficient.

All in all this is a great find where I had the best Burger since  the one I had 3 years ago at Meadowland in the Napa Valley. But that’s another story!


Food                                  40

Wine                                  11

Service                              10

Ambience                          4

Value for money            14    

Total                                  79

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Boxcar Deli and Grill

23 New Quebec Street London W1H 7SD
020 3006 7000

Open all day – 7 days a week


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