Greenwood – A new restaurant in Victoria

Greenwood – A new restaurant in Victoria

Guest blogger Dr Catherine Baudino, discovers a beard bar (among other offerings) in a new local restaurant



The Nova Building, Victoria Street, SW1


I visited this new eatery for the first time yesterday – some 3 months after its opening.


The welcome was friendly and worthy of the best restaurants.


After I explained that I was a local who was dipping her toes into this new venue for the first time, I enquired about the set-up:-


  • There is a bar/brasserie area at the entrance,
  • Followed by a bar consisting mainly of stools (not my personal cup of tea as I prefer tables and chairs) – perching is not for me – I leave that to (feathered) birds
  • A man’s Beard Bar (! Not too good for me either!)
  • A woman’s Eye Brow Centre (I would rather go somewhere more private)
  • A restaurant
  • And a Sport’s Bar.


I settled for the Brasserie (table and chair) option where I enjoyed the most delightful service from a waiter from Parma – a bavette steak which was as blue as I could possible ask, with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.


At 1900 on a Monday night, the clientele revolved around the transport hubs of Victoria Station and Victoria Coach Station – hence no doubt the numerous bar stools; guests do not come here for the long haul.


That did not stop the staff being as gracious and courteous as you could ever ask for.


For me, though, I remain confused by the numerous offerings: Sports Bar with an eatery – I can about understand, but a Beard Shop and a Brow Clipping service, all under the same roof, I am not so sure….





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