Gróf Degenfeld

Gróf Degenfeld

For all our readers we will now be bringing you two regular weekly full profiles from the 11 edition of Wine behind the label with our ratings. This should give you an excellent idea of what you can enjoy when purchasing a full guide or signing up for Club membership which includes a complimentary full guide. Here Neville provides a new winery profile from the Hungarian Tokaji region. 

>> Gróf Degenfeld (Tokaji)

The Count of Degenfeld re-purchased the almost 100-hectare family estate and the ancient cellar together with the former viticultural school on the edge of Tarcal after the Communist regime fell in 1990. This latter building houses the 4 star Castle Hotel today. Currently 35 hectares of the 100 are occupied by the vineyard itself, with a significant part (10 hectares) in a first-class location on Terézia Hill. At the bottom of the hill, within the castle, is the modern winery and the ancient cellar. 

Gróf Degenfeld wine cellar

As most of the soil here is loess, the wines are also generally lighter with rounder acidity. Tokaji Furmint Dry (unoaked) is citrussy and vibrant with some fruitiness. The Zomborka special selection Tokaji spends 6 months in oak before being racked and bottled and shows hints of apricot with good weight and persistence on the palate. The Szamorodni Sweet, measuring 107 on the Gay-Lussac scale, is spicy, honeyed and citrussy but not too sweet so that it can accompany blue or old hard cheeses and spicy Asian foods whilst the Aszú 6 puttonyos is deliciously sweet at 197 with a lovely streak of minerality to balance the wine. (NB) 

The wines

Recommended Whites:

Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos ★★★★ £G 

Tokaji Édes Szamorodni Sweet ★★★ £C 

Tokaji Furmint Zomborka Dry ★★★ £C 

Tokaji Furmint Dry ★★ £B 


Ownership and Contact

Count & Countess Degenfeld 

Tarcal, Terézia kert 9, 3915 

Tel: +36 47 580 405 




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