The London Wine Fair 2019

The London Wine Fair 2019

The London Wine Fair is a  great event for discovering new wineries and renewing our acquaintance with old ones.

During the three days of this event we tasted many wines and we will, in due course, be writing up our assessments of the wines we tasted.

Listed below are wineries which we have highlighted and the vast majority of these will receive the benefit of a full entry in the 12th edition of the guide. Club members will have the privilege of being able to read these entries in advance of publication of the 12th edition as and when we finish them over the next few weeks.

We will, of course, assess and rate specific wines from these producers and we will also assess a considerable number of wines tasted at the Fair from other producers who will not receive a full entry but again, Club member will have access to these ratings before publication of the next edition of the guide.

Here then, is the list of our highlighted wineries. Maybe you have tasted some of their wines. If you have any feedback on these we would be most grateful for it.


David & Neville


LWF 2019 Winery Highlights


Stand Alone (Walker Bay, South Africa)

Vignerons Schmölzer & Brown (Beechworth, Victoria)

From Sunday Winemakers (varied regions, Australia)

Rock of Wisdom (Barossa Valley, South Australia)

Kauzo Estates (Mendoza, Argentina)

Alpasion (Uco Valley, Argentina)

Pyros Wines (Pedernal Valley, Argentina)

Volcanes de Chile (Maipo, Chile)

Calder Wine Co (Rutherford, California)

Viñedos del Jorco (Cebreros, Spain)

Mar 7, (Jerez, Spain)

Domaine de l’Agly (Languedoc-Roussillon, France)

Sendiana Wines (Lebanon)

Domaine de Bargylus (Syria/Lebanon)

Foivos (Ionian Islands, Greece)

Testament Winery (Croatia)

Familia Deicas (Juanico/Canalones, Uruguay)

Bodega Garzon (Maldonado, Uruguay)

Familia Traversa (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Viña Progreso (Progreso, Uruguay)

Giminez Mendez (Canalones, Uruguay)









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