The pro version of our value for money wines app is now here and available to download

The pro version of our value for money wines app is now here and available to download

This App is called Value for Money Wines Pro, which comes loaded with over 25,000 wines from top producers in the world as found in Wine behind the label.

The wines chosen are those wines which have been rated in Wine behind the label over the last 15 years. There are over 25,000 of them in the Pro App version. They have all been tasted by the team at one time or another and they are being continuously updated and new wines discovered. They include all the wines in the published 10th edition of the guide as well as updates and new wines which will go into the 11th edition which will be published in the autumn of this year. The app will be updated with new wines and new ratings every 3 months.

The app is for regular wine drinkers who are looking for value for money when they are buying wine. It’s not for those who want to buy the cheapest wine in a supermarket and who have no idea who or what a producer is, or always chooses the House wine in a restaurant, nor is it for wine collectors at the other end of the scale, or those who like to show off when they are entertaining friends in a restaurant, by deliberately choosing famous wines which are usually overpriced by default.

It’s not an App that recommends  wines, or even tries to sell you wines. You have chosen the wine already, the app just tells you whether you are getting good value or not, according to the price/quality ratios as set out in Wine behind the label. Once you have made your selection, whether it is in a shop or a restaurant, the app will tell you whether the price is value for money, exceptional value for money, reasonably priced, overpriced, or considerably overpriced for the quality of the wine. And here the emphasis is on quality, not fame, cult status, or scarcity value, most of which wines will get an overpriced or considerably overpriced result anyway. If in the end you still want to buy a wine that is rated as overpriced or considerably overpriced and if it is a “must have” for you, then go ahead, but the App will have warned you that whilst the wine may be marvellous, with a terrific quality rating from us, you can find a better price/quality ratio elsewhere.

After an initial 3 months free trial the Value for Money Wines Pro App costs £3.99 a quarter to cover the development and continuous quarterly updates. You can of course, cancel it at any time and it will still keep running until the next payment is due. I hope people won’t do that because it can save you hundreds if not thousands by avoiding overpaying for your wine. It’s easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Pay (if you have an Android device) and works on both phones and tablets. There is also a free Value for Money Wines App but this is loaded with only 2,000 wines and you may find it hard to find the wine you are looking for on it and it won’t be updated or expanded, but you could use it just to get the feel of the app.

So this is what you need do to in order take the hassle out of choosing a wine to buy and to confirm that what you are seeking to buy is in a range of exceptional value for money to a rip-off:


  1. Find the wine you are interested in from the retailer’s or the restaurant’s wine list
  2. Open this app
  3. Once you have read the Introduction and the How to Use this App page, tap on the “Find Value for Money Wines” at the foot of the opening screen
  4. This will take you to the Producer Screen. Release the Side bar by touching the 3 line Burger Icon at the top right of the screen and choose the currency you want to be in by touching the currency code listed or entering the name of the currency in the “Search” box. By default, the currency is set to GBP – British Pound, so you don’t need to do anything if you are in the UK. You need to be online if you want to change the currency from GBP.
  5. Return to the Producer screen by tapping on it and find or enter the name of the Producer in the “Search” box.
  6. Touch on the Producer’s name and you will find the list of that producer’s wines we have rated
  7. Choose the wine you are interested in. (if you can’t find it, we haven’t rated it and we can’t help you)
  8. Enter the price of the wine in the “Shop” box if you are buying from a retailer, or in the “Restaurant” box if you are choosing a wine in a restaurant. You can use any currency and if you are online, the built-in currency converter will calculate the price/quality ratio.
  9. Click on the “Get a result” button.
  10. On the next screen you will have the result which can be:-
  11. Exceptional Value for money
  12. Value for money
  13. Reasonably Priced
  14. Overpriced
  15. Considerably Overpriced

Decide whether you want to choose this wine or find another!

I have already used it to buy wine in both restaurants and shops and have ben really pleased with price/.quality ratios of the wines I have chosen and it’s simple and fun to use. Download it yourself and try it out free for 3 months, you can always cancel at no cost if you think that it’s not for you.



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