When we sent you out “The Latest” last week we mentioned that Club behind the label members could get access to Yohan Castaing’s detailed tasting notes on his top 100 Bordeaux 2018 wines.

We gave a little taster to everybody by making numbers 91-100 free to read by all. We hoped you liked it.

We have been posting up the rest in batches of 10 and have now posted up to wines 21-30. As an additional taster, we have made this post free on https://www.winebehindthelabel.org/blog/yohan-castaings-top-100-bordeaux-2018-wines-21-30 for all to see and I hope you will have a look. You will see that there are some pretty big and famous names in that group and it only remains now to find out who are going to be in the top 20. There will, of course, be many of the usual suspects, but you will find a few surprises where Yohan has catapulted some not so grand names into the top echelon wines of the vintage.

Who are they?  Well, to find out you need to join the Club behind the label, because we ain’t giving it away to anyone else except the members!

To remind you of the special offer we made last weekjust for the month of May, you can bypass registration and get a 20% discount on Membership by going straight to https://www.winebehindthelabel.org/product/site-membership/ and entering the coupon code “Maydeal20” when you get to the cart. You will get your free digital copy of the guide and all the other benefits of membership, as well  as finding out who is in the top 20.

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