For all our readers we will now be bringing you regular full profiles from the 11th & and upcoming 12th editions of Wine behind the label with our ratings. This should give you an excellent idea of what you can enjoy when purchasing a full guide. Here David Moore profiles Vinteloper  from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.

>> Vinteloper (Adelaide Hills)

David Bowley makes a small range of stylish wines at Vinteloper from a base in the Adelaide Hills and fruit is sourced from a number of quality conscious growers around South Australia. There are a couple of really crisp and stylish Rieslings, the R Watervale is marginally cheaper, the OR15 Odeon, also from Watervale in the Clare Valley, has a touch more weight and a piercing mineral quality. A wild yeast fermentation is then followed by ageing in used French barrels providing depth and structure.

Langhorn Creek is the source of the rich, blackberry scented TN Touriga Nacional. Shiraz SH comes from a single vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. Ageing is in small French oak but this is kept to around a quarter for balance. Black fruits and a spicy black pepper character are underpinned with impressive depth. Two Adelaide Hills Pinot Noirs are made. The PN like the Shiraz offers very good quality and value. There is a real persistence of red berry and cherry fruits, the wine is stylish, elegant and complex. The OPN Odeon Pinot Noir is significantly pricier, although a stand out example of the variety from Adelaide Hills, it comes from the Lenswood sub region. The perfumed redcurrant, lightly earthy character is perfectly balanced by ageing in one half new French barrels. (DM)

The wines

Recommended Reds:
Pinot Noir OPN Adelaide Hills ★★★★✩ £F
Pinot Noir PN Adelaide Hills ★★★★ £D
Shiraz SH Adelaide Hills ★★★★ £D
Touriga Nacional Langhorne Creek ★★★✩ £D

Recommended Whites:
Riesling OR Watervale Clare Valley ★★★★ £D
Riesling R Watervale Clare Valley ★★★★ £D

Ownership and Contact

David Bowley

PO Box 2601, Kent Town, SA 5071

Tel: 04 15 297 787



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