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Neville’s Blog

How Southern Italian wines can now vie with the best

Masterclass “A showcase of Southern Italy’s finest” – Richard Ballantyne MW   It wasn’t so many years ago when the wines of Southern Italy were being sent up to the North to bolster up some of the weaker efforts of Italy’s more prestigious wines. Indeed, varietals such as Fiano d’Avelllino and Falanghina were regular components […]

Extension of the pre publication discounts

Imbued as we are with the spirit of Christmas, we have extended the expiry date of our pre publication discounts to January 1st. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year   Neville and David


AZERBAIJAN: THE LAND OF FIRE We chose Azerbaijan as a destination for a week’s holiday for no reason: pure curiosity – that it had hosted the Formula One, Saha Hadid had designed one of the most modern and psychedelic cultural museum in Baku, that it was or had been the centre meeting point for the […]

In-depth analyses of top restaurant wine lists

Club behind the label members are beginning to receive in-depth analyses of top restaurant wine lists, rated for value and quality, and we thought that we might give everybody a taster of what we are doing in this respect. So for one time, and one time only, here is a preview of what members receive […]

Some European Champagne alternatives for New Years Eve and beyond

For many, seeing the New Year in, or enjoying any other celebration in the coming months, requires enjoying the event with a glass of sparkling wine. While most will think immediately of Champagne there are some well-priced and interesting alternatives. I am going to focus here on what readers can find in Italy, Spain and […]

Offers for Christmas

Following on from our Black Friday deals we are delighted to bring you the same HUGE discounts on our Club behind the label membership subscriptions. Up to and over the Christmas period, Site Membership is available at a massive 33% less at £40 per annum instead £60 and the quarterly subscription goes down from £18 to […]

Our Black Friday Offers

We thought that we would join the Black Friday game by offering some HUGE discounts on our Club behind the label membership subscriptions. For a limited period from today, Site Membership will now cost a massive 33% less at £40 per annum instead £60 and the quarterly subscription goes down from £18 to £12. Pro Membership, is […]

The Latest – November 8th

Breaking News  The new, improved VinGardeValise wine carrying suitcase Grande04 is now available in the UK. What’s the difference between this and the old 02? The VGV® Grande 4.0 features a 100% polycarbonate shell with closed-cell foam The new asymmetrical Hinomoto wheels make the VGV® easy for you to maneuver A lift handle, located at […]

An Interview with Clément Robert – Master Sommelier

Clément Robert is the wine buyer for the wine-focussed 28-50 and Textile group of restaurants. Whilst the four 28-50 casual dining restaurants sport a regular and “Fine and Rare” list totalling about 200 bins, the Michelin-starred Textile boasts of a 600 bin wine list. As far as wine lists go, Clément believes in “horses for […]

Fancy a wine and food destination that is different?

Virginia is, in essence, an exciting new kid on the block as far as being a wine and food destination. When I first visited a few years back I was more than pleasantly surprised by the quality produced in the burgeoning vineyards there and even the more established ones who certainly seemed to get the […]

Monthly winery profile updates

We have now been providing our Club behind the label members with monthly updates ahead of the publication 11th edition of Wine behind the label. It seems like a good time to give all our readers a full list of the updates. We have now completed 61 new profiles and have added updates to a […]

Report on our Sancerre Dinner

We held our Sancerre dinner on “The Yacht” London on July 27th which was a rip-roaring success. Christophe Mangeart, who is the director and winemaker for the Sancerre cooperative, took us through the wines to show the diversity of the appellation. Starting off with a fruity “Guillopées” 2016 Rosé to accompany canapés in the Stateroom, […]

Tyddyn Llan revisited

It’s more than 2 years since I last stayed at Tyddyn Llan and I must say nothing has changed my opinion that Bryan Webb is one of the best chefs in the UK and probably the best fish cook in the country. Our 3 day sojourn was truly fantastic as a quiet holiday celebrating my […]

An interview with Dirk NIepoort

Dirk Niepoort is probably the Douro’s greatest ambassador and was in the vanguard of putting table wines from the area on the map maybe 15 years or so ago and now leads a plethora of producers who have been adding table wines to their Port portfolios. I visited him recently at his estate at Quinta […]

An Interview with Justin Knock MW of Philglass and Swiggot

In the first of a series of interviews with the owners of independent wine shops in the UK, I talk to Justin Knock MW about the philosophy behind the Philglass and Swiggot brand in the two shops that they own in London. Justin also heads up the UK office of the Wine Institute of California, […]

Boxcar Deli & Grill – a real meat restaurant

There are hamburger joints and hamburger joints plus and now we have discovered a hamburger joint plus plus. Well, it’s not JUST  a hamburger joint because there is also real, tender, delicious beef available, sliced off the rib and cooked just the way you like it. Boxcar has only been open for 3 weeks and […]

Vinexpo 2017

It seems to be inevitable that Vinexpo coincides with a heatwave and this year it was no exception. Sweltering in a 39C heatwave, it was lucky that the aircon didn’t fail – as it did once! My brief as is my wont these days, is to look for the unusual and maybe off-the -wall producers, […]

The Latest – June 16th 2017

Since my last announcement of “The Latest”, we’ve been busy communicating with wine news from around the world with news about Prosecco, Brexit and South Africa. Kathy Burk has also been very busy with the second instalment of her History of Wine as well as a comprehensive blog on her recent visit to Romania. David […]

Weingut Wittmann – a vertical Grand Cru tasting

Another shining beacon that stands out in a sea of Liebfraumilch in the Rheinhessen area, the wines from Weingut Wittmann exude quality. Philipp Wittmann came to London last month to give us a vertical tasting of his Grosse Lage (Grand Cru) wines from his three top vineyards.  Farming organically since 1990 and being completely biodynamic since […]

The Horst Sauer Masterclass

It’s a while since I last visited Horst Sauer’s domain at Escherndorf by the river Main in the Franken area of Germany. I was introduced to the estate by a very distinguished German hotelier whose hotel also boasted of a Michelin-starred restaurant and a superb wine list. He took me there as proof that in […]

Impressions of the London Wine Fair 2017

Visiting Wine Fairs can be a bit soul destroying – there is too much of a scrum at some stands and not a lot of interest at others. The London Wine Fair is no exception although this year there seemed to be a lack of presence from some of the big players – No Wines […]

The Latest – May 15th 2017

The Latest 15th May 2017 Our Club behind the label Membership is gathering momentum and we welcome all our new members. There are some special notices for you at the end of this bulletin. You can register for free at and we’ll get back to you with further details of your type of membership, subscription […]


  CLAUDE BOSI AT BIBENDUM   Sonia and I always try to go to a good restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Last year we went to the 2 Michelin star Midsummer House in Cambridge and the year before that we were at Mosimann’s in Belgravia.   So it was quite fortuitous that we heard […]

The latest – April 26th 2017

The Latest 26th April 2017  Our Club behind the label Membership pages are now open to all wine lovers and particularly those who are involved as wine professionals.   Some of the Benefits of the membership are: Discounts on products, wine tastings and wine dinners Searchable database of all 4000 producers and 18,000 wines reviewed in […]

The New Bulgarian Wine Tasting

A Trade tasting of wines from Bulgaria was held in London last week and I attended looking for some “new kids on the block” and some updates on producers already known to us for the next edition of Wine behind the label. I took the opportunity to taste the new orange wine from Villa Melnik. […] was conceived over a lunch in 2006 by David Campbell, a publisher of wine books (ex Mitchell Beazley, ex Hachette and now Everyman’s Library) and Esme Johnstone, the founder of Majestic Wine Warehouse and subsequently repaired to Ch. de Sours in Bordeaux. I had occasion to attend their 2017 portfolio tasting in […]

A glimpse of the 2016 Bordeaux wines

GRAND CERCLE 2016 PRIMEURS TASTING   It’s early, really early to get an idea of what the 2016 Bordeaux wines are going to be like.   Already there is talk from the vignerons that 2016 is going to an outstanding vintage. With 2015 already being hailed (justifiably) as the best vintage since 2010, is 2016 […]

Friarwood’s 50th Anniversary Tasting

When I had my restaurant, I was of course, inundated by wine suppliers trying to sell me wine. As my list was considered pretty adventurous and avant garde in those days, I didn’t have much time for conventional, run of the mill wholesalers. One such of these was Friarwood, who seemed to major on Bordeaux […]

Another Fine Evening Matching Wine and Food

It’s always an extreme pleasure to be invited to Nick and Lesley Richards for dinner. Lesley is a really accomplished amateur chef and Nick’s ability to choose quality wines and store them until they are mature enough to drink satisfactorily is legendary. The wine theme for this evening was New Zealand. Here is what we […]

New Zealand Wine Tasting London 2017

92 wineries from New Zealand came to London to show off their wares last week, dominated by Pinot Noirs and of course, Sauvignon Blancs. Where are all the Bordeaux varietals we used to see in the past? New Zealanders are still making good kit out of these varietals, but Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignons were really […]

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