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Neville’s Blog

Impressions of the London Wine Fair 2017

Visiting Wine Fairs can be a bit soul destroying – there is too much of a scrum at some stands and not a lot of interest at others. The London Wine Fair is no exception although this year there seemed to be a lack of presence from some of the big players – No Wines […]

The Latest – May 15th 2017

The Latest 15th May 2017 Our Club behind the label Membership is gathering momentum and we welcome all our new members. There are some special notices for you at the end of this bulletin. You can register for free at and we’ll get back to you with further details of your type of membership, subscription […]


  CLAUDE BOSI AT BIBENDUM   Sonia and I always try to go to a good restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Last year we went to the 2 Michelin star Midsummer House in Cambridge and the year before that we were at Mosimann’s in Belgravia.   So it was quite fortuitous that we heard […]

The latest – April 26th 2017

The Latest 26th April 2017  Our Club behind the label Membership pages are now open to all wine lovers and particularly those who are involved as wine professionals.   Some of the Benefits of the membership are: Discounts on products, wine tastings and wine dinners Searchable database of all 4000 producers and 18,000 wines reviewed in […]

The New Bulgarian Wine Tasting

A Trade tasting of wines from Bulgaria was held in London last week and I attended looking for some “new kids on the block” and some updates on producers already known to us for the next edition of Wine behind the label. I took the opportunity to taste the new orange wine from Villa Melnik. […] was conceived over a lunch in 2006 by David Campbell, a publisher of wine books (ex Mitchell Beazley, ex Hachette and now Everyman’s Library) and Esme Johnstone, the founder of Majestic Wine Warehouse and subsequently repaired to Ch. de Sours in Bordeaux. I had occasion to attend their 2017 portfolio tasting in […]

A glimpse of the 2016 Bordeaux wines

GRAND CERCLE 2016 PRIMEURS TASTING   It’s early, really early to get an idea of what the 2016 Bordeaux wines are going to be like.   Already there is talk from the vignerons that 2016 is going to an outstanding vintage. With 2015 already being hailed (justifiably) as the best vintage since 2010, is 2016 […]

Friarwood’s 50th Anniversary Tasting

When I had my restaurant, I was of course, inundated by wine suppliers trying to sell me wine. As my list was considered pretty adventurous and avant garde in those days, I didn’t have much time for conventional, run of the mill wholesalers. One such of these was Friarwood, who seemed to major on Bordeaux […]

Another Fine Evening Matching Wine and Food

It’s always an extreme pleasure to be invited to Nick and Lesley Richards for dinner. Lesley is a really accomplished amateur chef and Nick’s ability to choose quality wines and store them until they are mature enough to drink satisfactorily is legendary. The wine theme for this evening was New Zealand. Here is what we […]

New Zealand Wine Tasting London 2017

92 wineries from New Zealand came to London to show off their wares last week, dominated by Pinot Noirs and of course, Sauvignon Blancs. Where are all the Bordeaux varietals we used to see in the past? New Zealanders are still making good kit out of these varietals, but Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignons were really […]

Wine behind the label 10th edition coming very soon

Wine behind the label 10th edition coming very soon We thought we should bring all our readers some important news. The 10th edition of Wine behind the label, the authoritative guide to the best wine producers and their wines is now in preparation. The digital download will be ready at the end of November and the printed […]

Barullo – Argentinean Wine

Forty Argentinian wine producers turned up in London this week to promote BARULLO – a celebration of food, wine, art and music in a dusty warehouse in trendy Hoxton in East London. The uncomfortable seating and the balancing of glass and plastic plates didn’t detract from the delicious tit-bits of food produced by Mauro Colagreco […]

Wine behind the label 10th edition coming very soon

Wine behind the label 10th edition coming very soon We thought we should bring all our readers some important news. The 10th edition of Wine behind the label, the authoritative guide to the best wine producers and their wines is now in preparation. The digital download will be ready at the end of October and […]

Wine from Bhutan?

In the never ending search for new wines around the world I find myself in Bhutan, where I have come across two. Raven Shiraz and Takin red wine. It’s not certain where the grapes come from or where the wine is made although I suppose if it says Bhutanese wine on the label, it’s made […]

Artisans of Australian Wine

 I went along to the Artisans of Australian wine tasting which was held at a rather artisanale space in the swinging up and coming district of Shore Ditch in East London. Some 40-odd wineries were represented, where, as the tasting brochure says, “we draw together some of the most exciting, innovative and downright talented winemakers […]

Another fine evening of food and drink

Nick and Lesley Richards are really the perfect hosts and would be to anyone who has a real interest in food and wine. Lesley is a really accomplished cook and Nick’s cellar is legendary. He buys for laying down and there’s not much available to drink when you visit him that is less than 10 […]


One of the more intriguing things about the New York restaurant scene is the ability to find little gems that are going to please and won’t break the bank. It’s easy to to pay huge sums for eating at the cult and the Michelin starred restaurants, but finding good food at a reasonable price is […]


Cher Monsieur Moore, cher Monsieur Blech, Je vous remercie tout particulièrement de l’intérêt porté à notre concours international de livres sur la Vigne et le Vin, et la confiance que vous avez accordée au Jury spécialisé de l’Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin. J’ai l’immense plaisir de vous annoncer que le Jury 2016 […]

A few days in l’il ol’ Noo York

I like New York. I like to go there around my birthday time. I like to take in the vibrant atmosphere of Manahattan. So yesterday we kicked off with a day-long visit to the Metropolitan Museum to take in a bit of art and to catch up with some of the latest exhibits. Most fascinating […]

The Definitive Italian Wine Tasting

Every now and again there is a “Definitive Italian Wine Tasting” in London and today I took the chance to visit it and have a look at some of the things on offer. Wines from Puglia, Veneto and Fruili were featured so I stuck to those tables. White wines were generally rather disappointing – even […]


Many you have, I am sure, seen the film Sideways – when was it? five or seven years ago (my goodness how time flies) which resulted in Merlot becoming a dirty word at the expense of King Pinot Noir in a hilarious romp by a neurotic author and a cavalier film producer trying to drown […]

Half Price Summer Sale

“We are pleased to announce the 10th edition of Wine behind the label is due for publication in the late autumn. We’re very excited about this, but whilst you are waiting for it, we are offering a 20% discount off the printed hard cover book (now £40.00) and a 50% discount off the digital version […]

Summer Holiday Sale

Get Your 20% Discount Coupon Code Here! As you sit sampling the local wine whilst you are on your holiday in foreign climes and just thinking how good that wine is and how cheap it is compared with what you would have to pay for it back home, you are wondering how the hell you […]

English Wine Tasting

Since we wrote our Guide to the Vineyards of England and Wales in 2008, English wines have come on a ton. From under 300 commercial vineyards then to over 500 now, some of which have been purchased by overseas buyers, is a reflection on the world wide interest English wines has garnered over the years. […]

A Wine Drinkers Poll

Hi… Today we got some new software and wanted to have a little bit of fun with poll’s, we decided to start today with a great question…. How often do you drink wine? Not a bad place to start in a wine guide website. Enjoy the polls and have some fun, we will start to […]

A summary of the Bordeaux Primeurs

Bordeaux 2015: Day 1 Been up since 5.30 and it’s now past midnight! Exhausting day’s tastings. 8 am L’Evangile, 8.45 Nenin, 9.15 Syndicat Pomerol, 10.15 Syndicat St Emion, 11.00 Pavie, 11.30 Ausone, 12.30 Baguette in a St Emilion boulangerie, drive to Barsac to arrive at Climens at 3.00, 3.45 Yquem, 4.30 UCGB tasting of 26 […]

Restaurant Wine Lists

I have long been fascinated by restaurant wine lists – even before the days I ran a restaurant for 23 years. I think that nothing irks people so much than to see a wine in a restaurant marked up, 3, 4, or even 5 times or more over retail prices. The restaurateurs will tell you […]

January Quiz Answers and Results

Thank you, very happy with my prize! Posted by Nils Bugge on Friday, February 19, 2016 Here are the list of winners for the January Quiz… The answers are shown below the winners 🙂 The Winner of the full Hardcover Guide is… Nils Bugge – Well done and congratulations! Please PM us your full home address […]

The Latest

We are pleased to announce that Deborah Parker Wong, DWSET has joined the Team at Wine behind the label and will be primarily responsible for looking after the California and Pacific North West sections of the guide. Being on the spot in San Francisco, it is certainly going to help us in keeping things up […]

Value for Money Wines

I am always on the look out for value for money wines, whether they be in a shop or in a restaurant. Value in a restaurant can be tricky because whilst a producer makes good value wine sold retail, they are subject to the vagaries of a wide range of mark-ups in restaurants, from the […]

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