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Neville’s Blog

A Sad Loss

What a sad loss there has been to the world of gastronomy occasioned by the untimely death of chef Benoît Violier, who committed suicide at the age of 44. Voted the best chef in the world by his peers, Benoît headed the eponymously-named restaurant at Crissier, just outside Lausanne in Switzerland. The building which housed […]


The January Sale

Wine behind the label’s January Sale actually begins in January! And probably when most other sales have ended! There’s 20% off….   The full 9th edition hardback edition: Click Here for the Hardback Guide       The full 9th edition of the guide in digital format: Click Here For The Digital Guide     […]


Christmas Quiz Results and Winners

We had 10 entrants who scored the maximum score of 10 out of 10, well done to all of you, here they are… Richard Nick Richards Justin Liz Palmer Sergio P Wamhoff Mark Bolton Zoltán Sánta Paul Johnson Nils Bugge Congratulations and well done to all of you, you will be receiving an email over […]


Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together to eat, drink and be merry – not to take tasting notes on the wines drunk. And imbued with the spirit of Christmas as one might be, some of the best stuff you tot out might not be universally appreciated by one’s guests. Nevertheless […]

Christmas Quiz Time – 10 Copies of the Full Guide to Be Won!

As a way of celebrating Christmas and have some fun with our readers, we have decided to give away…. 10 Free copies full 9th edition’s of the full digital version of the guide, for the first 10 entries to get 10 out of 10 PLUS For those who get 10 out of 10, but are […]


Xmas Special Offers

Please take a look at our Christmas Special Offers and Discounts.   Wine Behind The Label 9th Edition – Hardback (rrp £50) “Winner of the major book awards from Louis Roederer, André Simon and Glenfiddich, Wine behind the label is the acclaimed benchmark guide to the world’s leading wine producers. No other wine guide provides […]


A friend of mine from Chile came to lunch and gave me a bottle of Thierry Villard’s Le Pinot Noir 2012. Dark and opaque, this wine showed remarkable flavours of black cherry, chocolate and plum – lightly oaked with plenty of grip and a lingering finish. At 14.5% abv it’s not for children but you […]


Imbued as we are, by the spirit of the season, we have decided to morph our Black Friday offer into Cyber Monday. This means that our discount offer on the Wine behind the label guide, hardback and digital; and our offers on the Mark Thomas lead-free crystal glassware will now continue until close of play […]

Minkov Brothers Winery | Bulgarian Wine Tour

Minkov Brothers Winery | Bulgarian Wine Tour


I know next to nothing about Bulgarian wines. When I have tasted them, usually at wine fairs, they were disappointingly dull with but one exception (Bessa Valley wines – but only because they are part owned by Count Von Niepperg of Canon-la-Gaffalière fame, whose wines I have tasted in Bordeaux) and the only Bulgarian wine […]



DAVINO FLAMBOYANT – I was chatting over LinkedIn with my friend Adrian, a Romanian lawyer, who asked me why I have never written about Romanian wines. Well, I said, it’s because I haven’t come across any worth writing about. Well, HE said “next time I am in London I will bring you a bottle and maybe […]


When I was a wine merchant, I was the first importer into the UK of the wines of Manfred Krankl, the idiosyncratic producer of wines that everybody LOVES. I’m not going into the story of Sine Qua Non here, you can easily Google it and have a really fascinating read. Manfred was introduced to me […]

Wise words from Jancis Robinson

I really enjoyed reading Jancis Robinson’s article in the FT about wine tasting. You can read it yourself here I was particularly impressed with the paragraph on the number of different flavours some people purport to find in a wine. My webmaster, Paul, admits that he is completely ignorant about wine and all these things […]


Nazar Restaurant Bedford

Sometimes we don’t know too much about what is on our own doorstep. Being based in London we have hundreds of fine restaurants to choose from but we sometimes don’t eat anywhere else in England unless it’s a destination restaurant or we just happen to be passing. We had occasion to visit a friend in […]

A Spanish Inquisition?

Living in a house surrounded by builders is not a very pleasant experience and it is exacerbated by the ineptitude of the various utility services whose left hand doesn’t seem to know what their right hand is doing. It’s very frustrating to be a victim of their ineptitude. We can’t cook or entertain and we […]

Klevener de Heiligenstein

Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever come across this rare wine from Alsace. Thanks to my friend, Michel Bernard, a keen student of wine curiosities, at whose dinner party I had the fortune to drink this wine to accompany a magnificent parcel of salmon baked in filo pastry. Rich […]

Serving wine in the summer heat

I went to my local gastropub last night and we ordered a bottle of Dirk Niepoort’s lovely Drink Me red wine from the Douro with our meal, which was marginally oxidised. Sending it back was no problem and the manager apologised and replaced it with another bottle of the same wine. It was a stifling […]

An Interview with Telmo Rodriguez

I presented Telmo with his Groundbreaking Winemaker Award last month and here is a video of my interview with him. Telmo is a passionate champion of “small is beautiful” particularly as it applies to wine producing. He believes that Spain still has tremendous potential for producing world class wines in all areas of the country […]

An Interview with Rick Kinzbrunner of Giaconda

I presented Rick with his Groundbreaking Winemaker Award the other day, and here is the video of it. As a result of what he had to say, we will be updating his entry in the next edition of Wine behind the label, although members will have a sight of this before that edition goes to […]

Ronchi di Cialla – A Unique Estate

Ronchi di Cialla in the North-Eastern part of Fruili, just a kilometre from the Slovenian border, is one of those rare single estate DOC designated areas for wine production. DOC stands for Denominazione di origine controllata, an Italian level of wine classification that normally takes into account all the estates in a certain wine-growing area […]

An Interview with Jonathan Maltus

Jonathan Maltus was the first English wine producer to achieve a 100% score from legendary wine guru Robert Parker for one of his wines, in fact he might be the ONLY English wine producer to achieve this. Of course, he didn’t produce this wine in ENGLAND, but in the traditional home of good wine – […]

An Interview with Antonio from António Saramago Wines

I did say in my blog from Setúbal on May 1st that I would be sending more detail. Well, it’s taken a bit of time, mainly because I have had to edit down a very lengthy interview with Antonio Saramago, in my opinion, the best producer on show at the show, which you can see […]

Abi Duhr receives his award as one of the 9 Groundbreaking Winemakers for this 9th edition of Wine behind the label

I flew to Luxembourg the other day to give Abi Duhr his award as one of the 9 Groundbreaking Winemakers for this 9th edition of Wine behind the label. Here is a little interview with him about his winemaking philosophy.’

Setubal for the 2nd Festival Iberico do Vinho

I’m in Setubal for the 2nd Festival Iberico do Vinho. Some surprisingly good wines from this little-known DO, but more importantly, some great values for money wines. I will share more details about this in a few days.

The Gusbourne Interview – English Fizz at its Best

English Fizz at its Best There is no doubt, that helped along a bit by global warming, English sparkling wines can hold their own with any from all over the world, including Champagne. I had a chance to interview Charlie Holland, head winemaker at Gusbourne Estate in Kent who told me about all the exciting […]


LOWER ALCOHOL In a recent tasting of 131 New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs (no I didn’t taste all of them!) there were five grouped together as “lower alcohol”. Now lower alcohol could be anything from 5% to maybe 10% alcohol by volume in a bottle of wine, and the usefulness of this can be considered in […]

Wine Guides – Want to learn about specific wine regions? Check out all the areas and regions available

Now you may be wondering just why we have named this area of the website … “Wine Guides”, plural … rather than …“Wine Guide”, singular. Well no, we’re not suddenly recommending other wine guides here, we are in fact though, doing something that we have never done before. We have made the decision that we […]

Sauternes Hidden Gem

It was an exciting day when I took delivery of Alessandro Masnaghetti’s latest vineyard map – the Cru Classes of Sauternes and Barsac (as well as the Sangiovese vineyards of Romagna, but that’s another story). Looking at this beautifully produced map, I couldn’t help but notice that among the designated vineyard plots of Ch. d’Yquem, […]

Bordeaux 2012 Impressions

I attended the primeurs week organised by the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux last week, curious in some way to find out for myself whether the vintage was as bad as some had made it out to be. Well, the answer is a resounding NO. True there were some pretty poor wines on display, […]

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