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It’s a well-known fact that most top restaurants have a well-priced lunch menu. Some are more cynical than others in what you are being offered for the price, but some give you a really good deal with the opportunity to experience the chef’s skills albeit on a reduced portion size, but for lunch that’s not […]


It’s always great to have a good local restaurant and we are lucky to have several around us to cater for the well-heeled residents of Chelsea & Kensington. Le Colombier is an oasis of French popular cuisine – a typical restaurant that you would find in any corner of France – no frills, entirely predictable, […]

Elystan Street

It’s always nice to find a local neighbourhood restaurant that offers top quality food at reasonable prices. Mind you, you may have to compromise by taking a lunch menu offer, but that’s no bad thing. Sonia and I are very lucky to have a few great restaurants near where we live and having been prompted by […]

Les Jardins d’Anaïs

  If you ever find yourselves in Luxembourg (and we often do to meet some relatives and friends), you should dine at a beautiful restaurant called LES JARDINS D’ANAÏS set in a huge conservatory with tables in a beautiful garden near a canal. It is also a boutique hotel, situated in the Grund, the old […]

Tyddyn Llan revisited

It’s more than 2 years since I last stayed at Tyddyn Llan and I must say nothing has changed my opinion that Bryan Webb is one of the best chefs in the UK and probably the best fish cook in the country. Our 3 day sojourn was truly fantastic as a quiet holiday celebrating my […]

Boxcar Deli & Grill – Real meat restaurant

There are hamburger joints and hamburger joints plus and now we have discovered a hamburger joint plus. Well, it’s not JUST  a hamburger joint because there is also real, tender, delicious beef available, sliced off the rib and cooked just the way you like it. Boxcar has only been open for 3 weeks and here […]


  CLAUDE BOSI AT BIBENDUM   Sonia and I always try to go to a good restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Last year we went to the 2 Michelin star Midsummer House in Cambridge and the year before that we were at Mosimann’s in Belgravia.   So it was quite fortuitous that we heard […]

Belcanto delivers – worthy of the Michelin 2 Stars

Gary White reviews Belcanto: Belcanto is the stand out restaurant in Lisbon and possibly Portugal. It is not cheap at all – and makes London’s Michelin restaurants look affordable – but it was recently voted in the top 50 restaurants in the world – with justification I feel. All staff speak English at this very […]

Another Fine Evening Matching Wine and Food

It’s always an extreme pleasure to be invited to Nick and Lesley Richards for dinner. Lesley is a really accomplished amateur chef and Nick’s ability to choose quality wines and store them until they are mature enough to drink satisfactorily is legendary. The wine theme for this evening was New Zealand. Here is what we […]

Eli’s Table – a birthday treat

As I have mentioned before in these pages, I like to spend my birthday week in New York and to particularly find a restaurant that has good food, a good wine list with prices that won’t break the bank. Eli’s is a big cavernous place with well-spaced tables – so different from the cramped surroundings […]


One of the more intriguing things about the New York restaurant scene is the ability to find little gems that are going to please and won’t break the bank. It’s easy to pay huge sums for eating at the cult and the Michelin starred restaurants, but finding good food at a reasonable price is a […]

A few days in l’il ol’ Noo York

I like New York. I like to go there around my birthday time. I like to take in the vibrant atmosphere of Manahattan. So yesterday we kicked off with a day-long visit to the Metropolitan Museum to take in a bit of art and to catch up with some of the latest exhibits. Most fascinating […]

Midsummer House

Midsummer House is a very lovely seemingly unassuming country cottage hiding one of the very best restaurants in the country behind its façade. Daniel Clifford is an amazing chef, well deserving of the 2 Michelin stars awarded to him. It was good to have food that was not too clever by half and dishes that […]


There was a time when the City of London shut down after 5pm and all those “Captings of Industry” and stockbrokers took the train back to outer suburbia or even further out to their mansions in places like Saffron Walden or Banstead. With a bit of luck some pubs were open until 8pm but the […]


We have been going to the BBC proms at the Albert Hall for years – a bonus is that we can walk there from our home in about 15 minutes. Wandering down Exhibition Road on the way back we always noticed that there was a Polish restaurant which we were told had a good reputation […]

Studio 6

When the Festival of Britain opened on London’s South Bank in 1951, it was a fine attempt to put behind some of the post war austerity and to give the public something to look forward to in days to come. When the exhibition finished, only the Festival Hall (now the Royal Festival Hall) and a […]

Windsor restaurant – Luxembourg

A quick flip over to Luxembourg for lunch with my friend André posed some difficulties since the first five restaurants we tried to book a table at were all closed. Luxembourg, like France, almost closes down for August, but we did manage to find a decent place to eat, the Windsor restaurant in Bertrange, in […]

28°-50° Wine Workshop and Kitchen – Marylebone

This is one of three 28°-50° restaurants in London. Each is kind of independently run so apart from a few wines and dishes, they are pretty much left to their own devices. The Marylebone restaurant is quietly situated a few paces from busy Oxford Street, (the nearest tube station, Bond Street) away from the hustle […]

Best Restaurant in Luxembourg

The Best Restaurant in Luxembourg If one wants to visit the famous vineyards in the Moselle, the nearest airport is Luxembourg and then it’s quite a short drive to the vineyards. I have done this many times and have usually had at least one night in Luxembourg City itself. Without a doubt there, my favourite […]


Not quite following on to Shakespeare’s idea of camaraderie triumphing over love, these two restaurants are just about as far away in style as you could have in a small town that boasts of historic diversity of gastronomy. Borsari 36 is a chic, modern, stylishly decorated restaurant, which is part of the upmarket Palazzo Victoria […]

Restaurant Crissier

It’s about 20 years since I last visited the little village of Crissier, just outside Lausanne, particularly to eat at Giradet, then considered to be the best restaurant in the world. I had been there a couple of times before and was amazed – not only for the finesse of the cuisine, but also for […]

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