News from around the web

News from around the web

New Cava classification announced

Cavas de Paraje Calificado Mid July has just seen the announcement by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing, Food and Environment in Spain of 12 “Grand Cru” sites to be recognized under Cava DO, Cava de Paraje Calificado. It is intended these site-specific wines will be the pinnacle of the appellation and differentiated from Gran Reservas […]

Wine Investment is on the up

From it’s nadir in 2012, wine investments have steadily increased in value. It’s not been even all round – traditional Bordeaux wines have been patchy but the increases from the rest of the world – particularly Burgundy. led by the Domaine de la Romanée Conti – have been very encouraging. Here is the latest report […]

Amazon launches its own branded wine range in US

Not content with dominating the world book and electronics market – and pretty much everything else in between – online retail behemoth Amazon has just muscled its way into a new arena – producing and selling its own brand of wine. The company has teamed up with Oregon’s largest winery King Estate Winery, to develop […]

South Africa’s Old Vine Project looks to the country’s past to secure its future

Those fortunate enough to attend last week’s tasting hosted by Wines of South Africa to celebrate the The Old Vine Project (OVP) in London have described it is one of the most interesting and exciting events in year. Particularly if you are interested in seeing what terroir and age can do to wines produced from grapes from […]

Hottest June in UK for 40 years sends rosé sales soaring

Scorching temperatures in the UK last week, which have made this month the hottest June since the long hot summer of 1976, has sent rosé sales soaring, according to the high street multiples. June 21st was the hottest day in the UK for over 40 years, with temperatures topping 34 degrees centigrade in some parts […]

Global wine consumption on the up, except in France where it has more than halved in the past 40 years

It’s enough to have your average French drinker choking on their verre du vin rouge in shock.  While global wine consumption is growing year on year – in France, the world’s leading wine exporting country – consumption is down and forecast to drop by 13% between 2011 and 2020, according to LARVF.  From knocking back 100 […]

Supply and demand in global wine market balances out as glut eases

The global wine industry is rallying after years of a glut of wine and suppressed prices,  according to a report in the Weekly times.   It referred to Wine Australia, data which shows supply dipping to around 26 billion litres, from a peak of around 29 billion litres four years ago. At the same time, demand […]

UK drinks trade body calling for government to go for full “divorce” settlement to get best possible deal in Brexit talks

The UK Government should pull out all the stops during the Brexit negotiations to avoid what it describes as the “worst possible outcome” – a no deal Brexit, according to the UK’s drinks trade body, the Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA).   Formal talks kicked off yesterday between the UK’s Brexit secretary David Davis […]

US remains biggest export market for Burgundy for fourth year running

Americans are amongst the biggest fans of Burgundy, and the US remains the biggest importer of  wine from the French region for the fourth consecutive year, according to the Burgundy Wine Board (BIVB).   Burgundy accounted for nearly a quarter (23%) of the value and just over a fifth (21%) of the volume of total exports, […]

South African winemakers enthusing about quality of 2017 vintage, despite lower volumes

South African winemakers are looking forward to a high quality vintage, despite the volume of this year’s crop being below average An extremely dry growing season held back the size of the crop, but vintners are particularly enthusiastic about the quality of the grapes. “2017 was a very nice vintage all around,” Chris Alheit told […]

Brexit offers opportunities as well as challenges, says WSTA’s Dan Jago

Brexit may present “monumental challenges” to the UK drinks industry, but it also opens up new opportunities that we should embrace, said Dan Jago,  chairman of the UK’s drinks trade body The Wine & Spirit Trade Association.   He even went as far this week in an interview with Drinks Business, to say that this was also […]

British love in with Prosecco continues, as English sparkling wine sees strong growth

The British love affair with  Prosecco is still going strong, with 85 million bottles sold last year, with Champagne sales trailing at less than half that volume, at 31 million bottles. Spanish fizz, predominantly Cava, remains in third place at around 23 million bottles, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association’s (WSTA) annual Market Overview, […]

Average price of bottle of wine in UK reaches new high thanks to Brexit

The average price of a bottle of wine in the UK has hit new heights, smashing through the £5.50 barrier for the first time to reach £5.56.  And this average has risen more in the past 12 weeks than it has in the last two years, according to the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) in its […]

Champagne Jayne finally wins her trademark legal case against Comite Champagne

In a modern tale of David vs Goliath, Jayne Powell, aka “Champagne Jayne” has won a long-standing trademark dispute against the Comité Champagne (CIVC) over whether or not she could continue in business using what turned out to be her controversial monicker.  The dispute has been played out over the last five years with the […]

Fizz-loving Brits now account for a third of total Prosecco production

The UK’s ongoing love affair with Prosecco has resulted in imports to the UK now amounting to over a third of all production.   The UK is Proseccos’s number one export market, with the UK, US and Germany between them accounting for 75% of total Prosecco sales in 2016, with domestic consumption in Italy accounting […]

New Zealand’s wine industry counts the cost of a difficult season, with yields down on last year

A challenging season for New Zealand winegrowers, with yields down across most regions, has left them counting their losses – and for the lucky few, some  gains. While there was no single weather event  in Marlborough to impact yield, temperatures were cooler than normal with more wind and cloud coverage than usual. A recent Department […]

French winemakers attack French supermarkets for stocking cheap Spanish wine

Some French winemakers show no signs of calming down in their dispute over what they see as cheap Spanish wine imports destroying their own domestic market. There has been another wave of attacks and disruption over the last couple of weeks as French retailers have now been targeted by more militant French winemakers for their […]

Argentina looks forward to quality vintage despite smaller harvest hit by frosts

Argentina looks braced to face up to another short harvest, despite predictions of what are many calling a great quality vintage. Growing conditions for the 2017 harvest were far more in keeping with Argentina and a return to the hot, dry weather following the impact of the rains caused by the El Niño weather patterns […]

Hopes are high for South Africa’s 2017 harvest despite lack of rain

Despite concerns throughout the 2017 South African wine harvest that weather conditions were going to combine to damage the overall vintage, the final results are now expected to be very encouraging with a bigger than expected harvest, higher yields and some “exceptional” quality grapes coming through.  The fact South Africa has had so little rain […]

New membership scheme offers discounts and exclusive access to Wine Behind the Label

Wine enthusiasts and wine professionals can now benefit from a range of exclusive offers ranging from in-depth regional and country wine guides, and wine accessories including top quality glasses as part of a new membership service from Wine Behind the Label. The award winning guide to leading producers and their wines from around the world, […]

April 2017: Loire frosts – Jim Budd reports

April 2017: Loire frosts For the second successive year the Loire along with many other vineyards both in France and elsewhere in Europe have been hit by a series of April frosts. Just as in 2016 it has been a whole series of early morning frosts running over 10 days from 19th April through to […]

English wine producers left reeling from bud damage after widespread frosts

The English wine industry is fearful widespread frosts this week could have had a major impact on the 2017 harvest with some fearing over half of this year’s grape harvest could be at risk, with other producers faring far worst. As temperatures dropped to -6C in some parts of southern England over the last week […]

California wine takes off at home and overseas as exports hit record heights

Californian wine is doing as well in its domestic market as overseas, with shipments of wine from the Golden State to the rest of the US hitting record levels of 238 million cases last year a 2% increase on 2015. This amounted to a retail value of $334.1 billion, a 4.5% increase on the previous […]

Millennials shunning wine in favour of weed

Almost a fifth of millennials (18%) have said they will switch wine for cannabis, according to a new report on the increasing use of the drug in California, and its impact on the alcohol industry. The study by Outco, a southern California based cannabis company in partnership with Monocle Research predicts a sea change on […]

Q & A with Dani Landi winemaking partner and owner at Comando G and Dani Landi Wines in Spain

As part of the 10th edition of  Wine Behind The Label we selected 16 highly talented winemakers who have consistently been able to produce five and sometimes, super five star wines for extra recognition. The second of who we profile here, Dani Landi, winemaker and partner at Comando G and making wines under his own label Dani […]

France’s Henriot buys major share in Oregon’s Beaux Frères

French company Maisons & Domaines Henriot has muscled its way into the American wine market, with the acquisition of a majority ownership stake in one of Oregon’s key Pinot Noir producers Beaux Frères for an undisclosed sum.. The sale includes the winery in Newberg and around 35 acres of vines. Winemaker and cofounder Michael Etzel […]

UK consumers embrace online wine shopping

Brits are three times more likely to buy wine online than the global average, with more than one in five UK consumers (21%) having bought alcohol online behind only China (27%) and Japan (22%). This is according to a report from global e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, in conjunction with Nielsen, which revealed that the global […]

New Zealand exports to US leapfrog those from Australia for the first time

The news will have your average Australian winemaker spluttering into his Chardonnay, but for the first time exports of New Zealand wines to the US have oustripped those from Australia. The value of New Zealand wine exports to the US leapfrogged those of their Antipodean neighbour for the first time last year, according to  industry […]

Global wine production drops as adverse weather takes its toll

Poor weather conditions took its toll on worldwide wine production last year, with volumes dropping by 3.2% in total according to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).  Argentina, Brazil, France and Hungary were amongst those countries hit particularly hard. France’s output tumbled particularly heavily, by 3.5 million hectolitres (mhl) and Argentina, the world’s […]

Producers across Italy look to sparkling wine to capitalise on the success of Prosecco

The enormous success of Prosecco is encouraging Italian winemakers in other regions of the country to look at capitalising on its popularity by making sparkling wine alternatives of its own. It is not just the fact that sparkling wine and Prosecco sales are booming it is also the fact that sales of still Italian wines […]

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