News from around the web

News from around the web

Argentina looks forward to quality vintage despite smaller harvest hit by frosts

Argentina looks braced to face up to another short harvest, despite predictions of what are many calling a great quality vintage. Growing conditions for the 2017 harvest were far more in keeping with Argentina and a return to the hot, dry weather following the impact of the rains caused by the El Niño weather patterns […]

Hopes are high for South Africa’s 2017 harvest despite lack of rain

Despite concerns throughout the 2017 South African wine harvest that weather conditions were going to combine to damage the overall vintage, the final results are now expected to be very encouraging with a bigger than expected harvest, higher yields and some “exceptional” quality grapes coming through.  The fact South Africa has had so little rain […]

New membership scheme offers discounts and exclusive access to Wine Behind the Label

Wine enthusiasts and wine professionals can now benefit from a range of exclusive offers ranging from in-depth regional and country wine guides, and wine accessories including top quality glasses as part of a new membership service from Wine Behind the Label. The award winning guide to leading producers and their wines from around the world, […]

April 2017: Loire frosts – Jim Budd reports

April 2017: Loire frosts For the second successive year the Loire along with many other vineyards both in France and elsewhere in Europe have been hit by a series of April frosts. Just as in 2016 it has been a whole series of early morning frosts running over 10 days from 19th April through to […]

English wine producers left reeling from bud damage after widespread frosts

The English wine industry is fearful widespread frosts this week could have had a major impact on the 2017 harvest with some fearing over half of this year’s grape harvest could be at risk, with other producers faring far worst. As temperatures dropped to -6C in some parts of southern England over the last week […]

California wine takes off at home and overseas as exports hit record heights

Californian wine is doing as well in its domestic market as overseas, with shipments of wine from the Golden State to the rest of the US hitting record levels of 238 million cases last year a 2% increase on 2015. This amounted to a retail value of $334.1 billion, a 4.5% increase on the previous […]

Millennials shunning wine in favour of weed

Almost a fifth of millennials (18%) have said they will switch wine for cannabis, according to a new report on the increasing use of the drug in California, and its impact on the alcohol industry. The study by Outco, a southern California based cannabis company in partnership with Monocle Research predicts a sea change on […]

Q & A with Dani Landi winemaking partner and owner at Comando G and Dani Landi Wines in Spain

As part of the 10th edition of  Wine Behind The Label we selected 16 highly talented winemakers who have consistently been able to produce five and sometimes, super five star wines for extra recognition. The second of who we profile here, Dani Landi, winemaker and partner at Comando G and making wines under his own label Dani […]

France’s Henriot buys major share in Oregon’s Beaux Frères

French company Maisons & Domaines Henriot has muscled its way into the American wine market, with the acquisition of a majority ownership stake in one of Oregon’s key Pinot Noir producers Beaux Frères for an undisclosed sum. The sale includes the winery in Newberg and around 35 acres of vines. Winemaker and cofounder Michael Etzel […]

UK consumers embrace online wine shopping

Brits are three times more likely to buy wine online than the global average, with more than one in five UK consumers (21%) having bought alcohol online behind only China (27%) and Japan (22%). This is according to a report from global e-commerce analytics firm Profitero, in conjunction with Nielsen, which revealed that the global […]

New Zealand exports to US leapfrog those from Australia for the first time

The news will have your average Australian winemaker spluttering into his Chardonnay, but for the first time exports of New Zealand wines to the US have oustripped those from Australia. The value of New Zealand wine exports to the US leapfrogged those of their Antipodean neighbour for the first time last year, according to  industry […]

Global wine production drops as adverse weather takes its toll

Poor weather conditions took its toll on worldwide wine production last year, with volumes dropping by 3.2% in total according to the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).  Argentina, Brazil, France and Hungary were amongst those countries hit particularly hard. France’s output tumbled particularly heavily, by 3.5 million hectolitres (mhl) and Argentina, the world’s […]

Producers across Italy look to sparkling wine to capitalise on the success of Prosecco

The enormous success of Prosecco is encouraging Italian winemakers in other regions of the country to look at capitalising on its popularity by making sparkling wine alternatives of its own. It is not just the fact that sparkling wine and Prosecco sales are booming it is also the fact that sales of still Italian wines […]

White wines are driving growth for Bordeaux in the UK as it looks to spread its mainstream appeal

The UK became Bordeaux’s biggest European export market as well as the second largest global export market for its white wines last year, importing more than three million bottles in the process, according to new figures released by its leading wine body the Conseil Interprofessional du Vin de Bordeaux (CIVB) In 2016 the UK imported […]

Wine Behind The Label celebrates 14 years with new guide and re-launched website

Wine Behind The Label has revamped its website with a new look and feel to help bring more of the unique and detailed content contained in the overall guide in to smaller, digestible downloadable information for both wine professionals and enthusiasts alike. Wine Behind The Label has just published its 10th guide, covering over 4,000 […]

EU wine bodies rally around vital UK wine market post Brexit

As the UK triggers Article 50 that sets in motion its formal exit from the EU, major European wine bodies have rallied around to show their support for the UK wine industry and insist they will do all they can to ensure it continues to be a key market for major Europe wine producing countries […]

Major global wine producers buying up New Zealand farms for vineyards

New Zealand’s sheep and dairy farms are being snapped up by some of the world’s biggest wine companies and turned into vineyards in order to satisfy growing demand for premium wine from the US and elsewhere. New Zealand wines command the highest prices of any country after France amongst major exporters, according to the International […]

South Africa needs to raise prices and its image for a sustainable future

South Africa needs to change its international image as a country that produces “cheap and cheerful” wine if it is to really push on and help not only its producers’ future but make its industry sustainable in the long term. It is not just an international problem but the price of wines sold in the […]

UK wine and drinks industry braced for four more years of inflationary duty rises

The UK drinks industry needs to brace itself for duty increases on alcohol for the next four years, after last month’s budget in which the Chancellor Philip Hammond announced an increase in duty on alcoholic drinks in line with inflation. This is according to the chief executive of the UK’s Wine and Spirits Trade Association […]

China set to replace UK as world’s biggest retail market by 2020

China is set to replace the UK as the second biggest retail market for wine behind the United States by 2020, according to new data released this week by Vinexpo and IWSR. It currently sits fourth in the top 10 biggest global retail markets for value for still and sparkling wines at $15,529m compared to […]

California set for bumper 2018 vintage after heavy rainfalls and floods

California is set to enjoy one of its largest ever vintages in 2018 on the back of what has been two months of heavy rains which may have lead to widespread flooding but have been good news for vineyards and producers and the health of their vines. Californian wine growers usually benefit from rain falls […]

Joe Roberts: what causes red wine headaches?

In the wine business, it’s sometimes joked that the most headaches a wine will ever cause happen long before that wine ever gets sipped, since grape-growing and winemaking can be so stressful – particularly when the grapes are harvested. For some people, however, the headache comes after drinking the wine, and it’s no joke. For those folks, […]

South African wineries start petition to halt sand mines being built in iconic Swartland

South African winemakers in the highly influential and important wine region of Swartland are facing the prospect of two large sand mines being built in the area of Paardeberg. This follows the decision by the local Municipality to issue two new sand mine licences. A move that has galvanised support across  both the South African wine […]

Australian vintage looks like defying bad weather to return a good harvest

The early signs across Australia are good that the regions the worst affected by bad recent weather are going to be able to produce a good quality vintage after all. Reports are coming in from the Hunter Valley in New South Wales and the Barossa Valley in South Australia that the harvest is well underway […]

Q&A with Elias Fernandez winemaker at Shafer Vineyards in Napa

As part of the 10th edition of  Wine Behind The Label we selected 16 highly talented winemakers who have consistently been able to produce five and sometimes, super five star wines for extra recognition. The first of which we profile here, Elias Fernandez, chief winemaker at Shafer Vineyards in Napa, California.   Where and when were you […]

Steps to protect China’s currency could see a stop to investment in foreign wineries

The number of Chinese wine producers and businesses looking to buy wine properties overseas could be drastically hit by new Chinese laws tightening up the regulations regarding money being taken out of the country. It has been quite a common event for a major Chinese investor or businessman to buy up prime estate property and […]

South Africa takes steps to make bottled and not bulk wine its biggest sector by 2025

The South African wine industry is looking to make bottled wine its biggest player again, as the  volumes  of bulk wine now being exported from the country is putting locals out of work in key manufacturing jobs linked to making bottled wine. This is according to new figures revealed by the Wine Industry Strategic Exercise, a […]

Languedoc hopeful Pic Saint Loup will get AOC status for 2017 vintage

The Languedoc could soon have a new AOP for the 2017 vintage if plans to award new accreditation to the Pic Saint Loup area goes ahead. It rests on getting final approval from the Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité (INAO). Currently classified as a AOC Languedoc-Pic Saint Loup, the region was approved […]

Jascots shines light on which countries and varieties are selling most on London wine lists

It can often be hard to really know what wine is selling in the UK premium on-trade as there is not many data or independent research on the sector. Step forward Jascots Wine Merchants which has for the second year carried out an independent assessment of 240 wine lists in London and analysed the countries, grape […]

Australia’s strategy to push more premium wines is working in the UK and Europe

Australia’s strategy to drive a more premium offer in the UK and Europe appears to be working with the latest set of export figures showing bottled wine is increasing whilst bulk is in decline. Whilst 80% of the wine shipped to the UK from Australia comes in bulk that share declined by 14% in 2016 […]

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