News from around the web

News from around the web

Wine Behind The Label’s 10th edition includes record number of wine producers and wines

The 10th edition of Wine Behind the Label is published early next month with its most comprehensive analysis to date of wine producers, their vineyards and their wines. The guide remains unique in that it features not only the most up to date profiles of individual wineries from all the main producing countries of the […]

Rioja celebrates a “superb” vintage with great weather for quality grapes

Unusually good weather, exceptional condition of the grapes and staggered picking has resulted in a “superb” Rioja harvest. In total, 442.4m kg of grapes were picked, which was turned into 318.5m litres of wine according to the DOCa Rioja.   Both the quantity and quality of this year’s crop have been described as “highly satisfactory”, […]

New Zealand producers count the cost of latest earthquake to hit the South Island

New Zealand is still counting the cost of what was potentially a devastating earthquake of 7.5 magnitude that hit the country’s South Island on Sunday night. However, early signs are the wine community has had a narrow escape other than a wine spillages, lost tanks and barrels. The quake could not have come at a […]

Wine producers face devastating losses following floods in South Australia

Grape producers in South Australia’s Riverland were left counting the cost after stormy weather tore through the state at the end of last week, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Some producers lost their entire crops, as severe rain, hail and 100 kph winds lashed the region on Friday, damaging fruit, flooding crops […]

French wine producers in most regions hit by poor 2016 vintage

French wine producers are reeling from the full impact of what has been a devastating 2016 vintage in many parts of the country with some having no grapes to sell or facing losses that fear could bankrupt them. Whilst the overall picture, according to the OIV, will see the total French wine harvest down by 12%, […]

Piedmont celebrates bumper 2016 harvest and a good year for Barolos

Wine producers in Piedmont in north west Italy are celebrating what they say is going to be a good, strong harvest, with grapes for their Barolo wines looking particularly healthy. Wine growers  across the region have been largely happy with the outcome of the harvest, reporting a bumper crop in some places and overall good high […]

Chile and Argentina enjoy flying sales in UK off-trade

South American wines from Chile and Argentina were the two stand out performers in the UK off-trade in the last year, according to the latest figures from IRI. Chile’s performance saw enter the top five best selling countries in the UK for the first time with sales up 4.5% by value to £441 million in […]

Bordeaux on course for a “great vintage” after ideal growing conditions

The 2016 Bordeaux harvest has been described as “a great vintage in the making” by the Bordeaux Wine Council (CIVB). Several factors conspired to create the ideal growing conditions, including uniform flowering, a dry sunny summer, evenly occurring veraison and the Indian summer which led to optimal ripeness in each plot and grape variety. And […]

World wine volumes down to four year low as bad weather hits vintages around the globe

The overall global wine production for 2016 is going to be 5% smaller after adverse weather conditions have hit most parts of the southern hemisphere. The situation has been seen as further evidence of climate change, with South American countries, including Chile and Argentina particularly badly hit. The estimates have been made by the International Organisation […]

Beaujolais leads new French export drive in to the UK and reports strong 2016 vintage

It seems the UK wine drinkers are falling back in love with French wine, which will a mixture of comfort and frustration to producers reeling from the worst vintage in the country since 2012. Latest wine export figures from Business France show Beaujolais was up 18% in volume and 20% in value between 2014 and […]

Wine in the UK could go up by 29p a bottle because of sterling’s fall

The cost of a bottle of wine made in the EU in the UK could go up by 29p on average, according to the latest figures released by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association. It calculates that the average bottle of wine coming from the EU could go up by 29p and by 22p for […]

Huge demand for Spanish wine exports driven by bulk wine

The huge demand for Spanish wine, driven by an average value of only €1.10 a litre, has seen an enormous increase its exports during 2015. New export figures show that Spanish wine exports were up on 2014 by 168 million litres in volume. A large proportion (58%) of this was shipped in bulk. The average […]

Chablis 2016 vintage expected to be 50% down on average

As the full picture from the 2016 harvest becomes clearer, Chablis, the key white wine producing area of Burgundy has announced its harvest is going to be down by 50%. But what is being picked will make good quality wines, according to the BIVB Chablis. The harvest is so down after a near calamitious 2016 […]

Bordeaux on the cusp of an “exceptional” vintage

This year’s Bordeaux harvest is being hailed as potentially an “exceptional” vintage providing the weather holds over the next few vital picking weeks for its reds wines. But whilst some winemakers are cautiously positive there are those who fear the vintage could lack staying  power, particularly on the white wines. While the year didn’t start […]

How to Taste Wine

How to Taste Wine So, want to learn how to taste and evaluate a glass of wine like an expert? Easy. Follow our wine tasting tips below but before you start sipping, make sure you’re in the right tasting environment. By Paul Gregutt So, want to learn how to taste and evaluate a glass of […]

Over 55s warned over wine investment scams

One in four over 55s in the UK have fallen victim to investment scams, with wine and diamonds among the most popular vehicles for fraudsters, says the country’s Financial Conduct Authority. TAGS: Officials have launched a campaign to warn older adults in the UK about the dangers of alternative investments and to be sceptical about […]

Where is the Birthplace of Wine?

(CNN)Out on the fringes of Europe, the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is a country shrouded in mystery. “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Sandwiched between the Caucasus Mountains to the north, the Black Sea to the west and dry deserts to the south, this small country, which borders Russia, Azerbaijan, […]

Welsh vineyards ‘could increase to 50 by 2035’ – BBC News

Wales could have 50 vineyards in 20 years’ time, according to one grower who is selling Welsh wine to France. Richard Morris, from Ancre Hill estates winery near Monmouth, said other countries with similar climates, such as Nova Scotia in Canada, have already developed a successful wine industry. There are about 17 vineyards in Wales, […]

When in drought: the California farmers who dont water their crops

Dry farming forgoes modern irrigation and, farmers say, produces much tastier crops. In a drought-stricken state, should others follow suit? Theres something different about Will Bucklins grape vines. At first its hard to notice, but a drive through northern Californias Sonoma Valley, past waves of green, manicured vineyards, makes it clear. The black ribbon of […]

Pricey Wines and Market Dynamics

What is a wine worth and what is its pricing formula? Is it a measure of quality or market dynamics? Michael Fridjhon raises some interesting questions on wine prices and the Cape Wine Industry in South Africa In the past year or so the Cape wine industry has seen the release of a number of […]

Wine Compound Resveratrol’s Latest Role: Killer of Leukemia Cells

Chinese researchers find the organic compound inhibits growth of most-common childhood cancer Resveratrol, an organic compound found in grape skins and wine, has shown promise in treating multiple maladies. But scientists are still laboring to understand how it works and how to harness those healing properties. Now a team of researchers in China has discovered […]

A Second Look at Washington Syrah

Just a few years ago, Americans were shunning syrah. Consumers had turned a grass-roots cold shoulder to the wines, and without a pop-culture shove from the equivalent of “Sideways,” the 2004 movie in which an anti-merlot jeremiad sent sales reeling. The collective verdict seemed to be that American syrah was simply not very good, distinctive […]

Bordeaux’s Modern Gentleman Farmer

Didier Le Calvez is rehabilitating the vineyards of Château Clarisse with the help of Stéphane Derenoncourt Didier Le Calvez has come to Bordeaux late in life, but that hasn’t stopped him from going all in. “I’m an old lion with young cubs,” he says with a wide smile. Le Calvez is tall and his stride […]

How to tell a dumb wine from a bottle past its best – ask Decanter

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between a wine that doesn’t express much and a wine that will improve with time. Charles Curtis MW explains to Decanter how to distinguish between the two. Ask Decanter: How to tell a dumb wine from a bottle past its best? Spencer, via email, asks: How do […]

An Elevated Cellar

Paul Tribolet’s wine collection nests on the fourth floor of a former print factory Paul Tribolet was born in Switzerland, lives in Belgium and spent his career as an executive of a worldwide hotel conglomerate. But his passion for wine began in an unlikely spot: the Canary Islands. “I [opened] my first restaurant when I […]

This Genius Wine Opening Hack Will Change Your Life

We’ve all had that terrible feeling. The feeling you get when you’re ready to pop open a nice bottle of red and then realize you don’t have a wine opener. Without a corkscrew, how do you open a bottle of wine? This genius wine opening hack will teach you how. As long as you have […]

Albariño ‘can make Spain’s best-quality sparkling’

Albariño has the potential to eclipse Cava and produce Spain’s best-quality sparkling wine, a leading Rias Baixas winemaker has said. Paula Fandiño, head winemaker at Mar de Frades, said Albariño’s growing reputation for producing high-quality white still wine, combined with its unique freshness, presents a big opportunity for producers using the grape to make wine […]

Millennials are ditching beer for liquor and wine

Younger Americans love liquor and wine way more than previous generations. In fact, the 18-29 year old demographic has been shifting away from beer towards spirits and wine over the last two decades, according to a chart shared by Barclays’ William Marshall and Samuel High. Their research shows that back in 1992-93, 70% of 18-29 […]

California, Oregon and Washington wines shine at Go West Tasting

At yesterday’s Go West! annual tasting California, Oregon and Washington wines emphasised that wines from west coast of the USA are gaining traction in the UK market. Over 300 wines were poured on site and exhibitors across the board seemed pleased at the venue becoming increasingly crowded over the course of the day. The success […]

The Three Phases in Wine Tasting

Enjoying wine is one of the simplest things in the world: open, pour, sip, and enjoy. In contrast, for example, the handling of a fork and a knife for eating, as a child, takes more practice. That said, making the most of our favorite beverage is not just about drinking, like eating is not only […]

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