News from around the web

News from around the web

How to tell a dumb wine from a bottle past its best – ask Decanter

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between a wine that doesn’t express much and a wine that will improve with time. Charles Curtis MW explains to Decanter how to distinguish between the two. Ask Decanter: How to tell a dumb wine from a bottle past its best? Spencer, via email, asks: How do […]

An Elevated Cellar

Paul Tribolet’s wine collection nests on the fourth floor of a former print factory Paul Tribolet was born in Switzerland, lives in Belgium and spent his career as an executive of a worldwide hotel conglomerate. But his passion for wine began in an unlikely spot: the Canary Islands. “I [opened] my first restaurant when I […]

This Genius Wine Opening Hack Will Change Your Life

We’ve all had that terrible feeling. The feeling you get when you’re ready to pop open a nice bottle of red and then realize you don’t have a wine opener. Without a corkscrew, how do you open a bottle of wine? This genius wine opening hack will teach you how. As long as you have […]

Albariño ‘can make Spain’s best-quality sparkling’

Albariño has the potential to eclipse Cava and produce Spain’s best-quality sparkling wine, a leading Rias Baixas winemaker has said. Paula Fandiño, head winemaker at Mar de Frades, said Albariño’s growing reputation for producing high-quality white still wine, combined with its unique freshness, presents a big opportunity for producers using the grape to make wine […]

Millennials are ditching beer for liquor and wine

Younger Americans love liquor and wine way more than previous generations. In fact, the 18-29 year old demographic has been shifting away from beer towards spirits and wine over the last two decades, according to a chart shared by Barclays’ William Marshall and Samuel High. Their research shows that back in 1992-93, 70% of 18-29 […]

California, Oregon and Washington wines shine at Go West Tasting

At yesterday’s Go West! annual tasting California, Oregon and Washington wines emphasised that wines from west coast of the USA are gaining traction in the UK market. Over 300 wines were poured on site and exhibitors across the board seemed pleased at the venue becoming increasingly crowded over the course of the day. The success […]

The Three Phases in Wine Tasting

Enjoying wine is one of the simplest things in the world: open, pour, sip, and enjoy. In contrast, for example, the handling of a fork and a knife for eating, as a child, takes more practice. That said, making the most of our favorite beverage is not just about drinking, like eating is not only […]

3 Ways To Tell If Your Wine’s Gone Bad

If we’re being honest, there’s a solid chance most of us have powered through a glass—or three—of less than perfect wine before admitting to some flaws (personal, or the wine’s). But when a bottle of wine has really gone bad, even the thirstiest among us can’t rationalize another sip. But how can you tell if […]

‘Unbreakable’ to Table: Tituss Pinot Noir Debuts

Plus, country music star Zac Brown’s new wine label, and the Champagne trademark police can’t stop a Spanish soda brand If you’ve been locked in an underground bunker without the Internet for the past year, à la the Netflix hit comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, you’ve probably missed the catchy Pinot Noir–themed music video, complete with […]

Wine grapes ‘can combat climate change’

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) is investigating ways to use grape pomace to reduce livestock methane emissions – thought to be a major cause of global warming. Previous studies have shown that grape pomace – a by-product of crushing grapes for wine production – can reduce methane production in the digestive system of sheep […]

China’s Wine Promise

Who will make the first wine in China that seriously challenges the world’s finest? Many a Chinese wine producer has that aim, and I have so far tasted a handful of wines (mostly, perhaps coincidentally, made in Ningxia province by women) that have come close, writes Jancis Robinson, in the current issue of Sommelier India. […]

Two Glasses of Wine a Day Helps Keep the Weight Away

Good news for anyone that prefers Cabernet over cardio: Drinking two glasses of wine before bed could actually be the magic pill that helps you lose weight, according to two recent studies from Washington State University and Harvard Medical School. Here’s why: Apparently, there’s a polyphenol called resveratrol in red wine that transforms “white fat” […]

Researchers Find Weighty Evidence of Wine’s Brain Benefits

An analysis of numerous studies says polyphenols help brain function; plus, more proof that moderate consumption helps hearts “There is no justification for recommending drinking on health grounds.” That was the controversial conclusion of a recent health report by the United Kingdom’s chief medical officers. The scientific community is still responding to the divisive report’s […]

We Have Good News For Wine Drinkers!

Just as long as you keep it moderate. Not a day goes by when we’re not told different information alcohol. First, it’s that red wine keeps the heart healthy; then, it’s how even light drinking can cause cancer. But before you feel guilty about taking a sip of the refreshing pint or shun savoring a […]

Wolfburn distillery returns to life after 150 years

The first whisky to be released in 150 years from the Thurso-based Wolfburn distillery will hit the UK market next month. Distributed by Amathus Drinks, the reborn distillery is releasing its Wolfburn Single Malt and a limited edition Wolfburn Inaugural Special Edition Single Malt. The new state-of-the-art Wolfburn plant is situated a little downstream from […]

Promising Riesling Encounter with the Indian Market

Since 130 years Weingut Wegeler Wine Estate has been producing exclusively high-quality Riesling in the most famous vineyards of the Rhine and the Mosel mostly through manual work with traditional and ecological wine-growing techniques. Their best known vineyards in the Rheingau include the Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg and the Oestricher Lenchen. At the Mosel, they also […]

American oak ‘not suited to Cabernet’

American oak “does not match” with Cabernet Sauvignon, according to Brad Grimes, winemaker at Napa’s Abreu Vineyards. Speaking to the drinks business on a visit to the UK to promote the Abreu’s distribution in the UK through the Pol Roger Portfolio, Grimes said that American oak imparted a “dill” flavour which was not suited to […]

Spanish Wine Now Most Popular in the World, Nudging out French

Spanish wine is now the most popular in the world, says a new report. But the good news for Spain is clouded by the fact that most of its wines are commonly sold in bulk, instead of bottled — and return less than a third of the profit than French wines do. Spain’s record wine […]

New Heights in Winemaking

Two ambitious vintners have planted a vineyard atop a Brooklyn warehouse What is Brooklyn terroir? We may get a taste next year. In 2014, Wine Spectator reported on three wineries in the New York borough. None however, have grown a commercially viable vineyard there, sourcing grapes from the nearby Finger Lakes or Long Island regions […]

For The Most Decadent Dessert, Pour These 3 Wines Over Vanilla Ice Cream

If you ever entertain, or even might entertain, here’s a tip for dessert: keep some sweet wine around so you don’t have to actually exert yourself. Just drizzle one of these “stickies” over vanilla ice cream and you are done. If you wanna get fancy, serve it in a martini glass. Or even make it […]

“Wines of India” programme launched in Mumbai

Since the early 2000s, India has been hyped as an important emerging market for wine. The country has an optimum climate for grape cultivation and its main wine-producing states, Maharashtra and Karnataka, are leading producers of world class grapes. Keeping the above in mind, the “Wines of India” programme was recently launched at AKA restaurant, […]

Five new Masters of Wine announced

There are now 343 Masters of Wine around the world after five more students passed the rigorous entrance exams for the exclusive club. The Institute of Masters of Wine announced five new members on 29 February. They include a winemaker, two wine buyers, a marketing manager and the owner of a hospitality training business, it […]

Kicking the hell out of Bordeaux 2011

Each January, a wine-tasting Supreme Court sits in the immaculate Suffolk seaside town of Southwold to pass judgment on a single, four-year-old Bordeaux vintage (the latest to be physically released on to the market). I have taken part once in this event, though so long ago that a number of my fellow-tasters on that occasion […]

Wine: Sense of Style

Central Otago reds have really hit their stride, says Jo Burzynska Well over a decade ago, with a riot of loud shirts and exuberantly fruited wines, Central Otago’s pinot noirs and their makers beat a bold path seemingly out of nowhere to the centre of the world’s wine stage. This year’s Central Otago Pinot Noir […]

What Is A Standard Pour And Why Should I Care?

You ever watch as a server—or dear, dear friend—pours wine out for you and a few other people? You’re thirsty, so you watch the levels in each glass rise. Maybe you’re really thirsty—or just scarred from that time your little brother got more ice cream than you in 5th grade—so you notice that some folks […]

How Millennials (Almost) Killed the Wine Cork

A new generation of wine drinkers came of age with screw caps and plastic bottle stoppers, but cork producers are mounting a campaign to win their loyalty: An Object Lesson. No one is completely sure who first came up with the idea for cork wine stoppers, though legend holds that it was the 17th-century monk […]

Derbyshire winemaker heads up English wine trade body

The UKVA has named a Derbyshire winegrower as its first chief executive as it seeks to develop itself into a more efficient central organization. Barry Lewis, who runs the Amber Valley Wines vineyard and online business The English Wine Shop, will step into the top job at the English wine trade body on Monday 29 […]

New Zealand to make its first Prosecco

New Zealand winemakers are about to plant the country’s first Glera vines that will go on to produce Prosecco in three years’ time. The Prosecco variety, otherwise known as Glera (to differentiate the grape from the protected Prosecco source in Italy’s Veneto), will be planted this spring in Gisborne, New Zealand, following the release of […]

Age and disease threaten Burgundy wine shortage, report warns

Burgundy wines may become even more difficult to find because of vine disease and smaller harvests from ageing vineyards, according to a new report by the region’s wine council. Burgundy wine shortage may result from vine disease and ageing vineyards Average age of Burgundy vines is 50 years Wine council devises plan to help producers […]

Why your wine business startup will fail

I have seen many people creating things in wine business in the past years, plenty of skilled and bright thinker friends who are succeeding after hard work. But there are also plenty of guys finishing their business school or wine school. And, if you are one of them, here is why you are going to […]

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