Gastro Touring Introduction

From time to time we will be reporting on tourism with an emphasis on food and wine. These will not be comprehensive details of the major tourist attractions in that country or region – there are plenty of guides  for this – but we will point you in the direction of where you can eat and drink well or go to a food and/or wine festival for a gastronomic experience.

We are kicking off with our Gary White’s assessment of the best things to do whilst spending a weekend in Oporto and you can find this under our Reviews drop down menu, or go straight there from here

We’ll keep you posted when the next one is up




Simply furnished, but comfortable bedrooms                                                      

More facilities and space in the bedrooms and some public rooms                 ★★   

Very comfortable rooms with spacious public facilities                                       ★★★

Luxury rooms with top public facilities                                                                   ★★★★

De luxe with every creature comfort                                                                        ★★★★★   




Simple, but tasty regional food                                                                                              

More elaborate cooking and comfort in the restaurant                                                    ★★

A good degree of skill from the chef with greater attention in restaurant service      ★★★

Consistently high standards in both cuisine and service                                                 ★★★★

Inventive, innovative, personal and highly skilful cuisine with top class service to match                                                                                                        ★★★★★


 ✩ white stars are used to show a superior hotel or restaurant at a given rating




Hotels (per room without breakfast)                        Restaurants (per person with wine)

£A                 <£50                                                                            <£20

£B                 £50-£75                                                                        £20-£30

£C                £75-£100                                                                      £30-£40

£D                £100-£125                                                                    £40-£50

£E                 £125-£150                                                                    £50-£60

£F                 £150-£175                                                                    £60-£75

£G                £175-£200                                                                    £75-£100

£H                over £200                                                                   over £100






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