The BIG January Wine Quiz

Quiz is Closed

The Winner of the full Hardcover Guide is… Nils Bugge – Well done and congratulations! Please PM us your full home address so we can organise delivery

The Winners of the Full Digital Version of the Guide are:
Jon Beale 20 / 20
Tushar 20 / 20
Narendra 20 / 20
We will email / message you with details regarding downloading the Digital Guide

The following got 19 out of 20 and will get coupons to purchase the Digital Guide for only £10
Nick Richards 19 / 20
Erika Viking 19 / 20
James Bercovici 19 / 20

The following got 18 out of 20 and will get coupons to purchase the Digital Guide for 50% off

Matt Day 18 / 20
Zoltán Kopasz 18 / 20
PD Wamhoff 18 / 20
Rohit Negi 18 / 20
Allen Murphey 18 / 20
Claire Grey 18 / 20
Eva Lehotai 18 / 20

Congratulations to all of you, we hope you enjoyed the quiz… Please feel free to comment on what you thought of the quiz. Many thanks

final_wine_quizThis time the Quiz is more extensive, it has 20 Questions, and as you would expect, all answers can be found in the 9th edition of the Wine Behind The Label guide.

The Quiz only runs til the end of the month!


What about Prizes?

  1. wbl-9thed-xmasThe first person to get all questions correct will get a hardcover copy of the 9th edition of the Guide.
  2. After that all other who get 20 out of 20 will be able to get the full digital download version of the guide.
  3. Anyone with 19 out of 20 can download the digital guide for only £10
  4. And anyone with 18 out of 20 can download for £14.50 (half price)

Why not share this quiz with your family and friends, then you can really show off your wine knowledge 🙂

Enjoy the Quiz!

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