A new 3D map from Alessandro Masnaghetti

A new 3D map from Alessandro Masnaghetti

Following on the success of Alessandro’s 3D map of the Chianti Classico area, he has now brought out a superb 3D map of his favourite Barolo area.

This is the map which all true wine lovers have been waiting for! Unique and innovative, it allows and assists the comprehension in one sole glance of the various Barolo geological formations along with the soil types which are associated with them. And, apropos of the various soils, the table which is an integral part of the map, with data on texture, pH, and much additional information, will be a true joy for the most demanding connoisseurs.

Each map, 41x31x3.5 inches, (103x77x8 cm) is shipped ready packed in reinforced cardboard, wrapped in tissue paper, and framed in a light coloured wood which goes well in every possible living space and environment.

An exclusive  gift for connoisseurs, ready to be hung

Bilingual edition: Italian and English

The price (£150) includes VAT as it is framed. The printed maps do not attract VAT

To order this limited edition 3D map (and other Masnaghetti vineyard maps) go to https://www.winebehindthelabel.org/product/barolo-geo-3d

Happy to send any VAT registered purchaser a VAT invoice on request.

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