Breaking News!

Breaking News!

On our Value for Money Wines Pro App we update the app with new producers, new wines, updated ratings and updated price bands for existing wines AT LEAST EVERY 3 MONTHS.


For those who are already subscribers, we have just added over 700 new wines from over 100 producers (new and old) as well as updating some original ratings.


In order to receive these automatically, you must allow Notifications for this app in your Settings as Alerts as well as Banners.


Once you slide or click on the Notification, the App will be updated automatically to reflect the latest ratings and you will be up to date with them.


For new subscribers, downloading from the App Store or Google Play will give you the most up to date version, but don’t forget to allow notifications (you will be asked) to the app and swipe or click on the notifications as and when they occur in order to be up to date with the latest version.


Now there are nearly 27,000 wines you can check out at a store or a restaurant to see if the price you are being asked to pay is value for money or not in 32 different currencies!



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