A few days in l’il ol’ Noo York

A few days in l’il ol’ Noo York

I like New York. I like to go there around my birthday time. I like to take in the vibrant atmosphere of Manahattan.

So yesterday we kicked off with a day-long visit to the Metropolitan Museum to take in a bit of art and to catch up with some of the latest exhibits.

Most fascinating was the exhibition of the art produced during the reign of the Iranian rulers of the twelfth to fourtenth centuries which laid the foundations of the shiite branch of the Moslem religion. Also fascinating was the exhibition based on the Hellenic archeological discoveries at Pergamon in Turkey of things dating from 500BC to 100BC.

Fascinating as they are and well worth a visit, this is primarily a food and wine site, so of course we had to try one of the restaurants at the museum.

We were lucky to have a friend who is a member and so had access to the Members Dining Room. Here on offer was their version of a Sunday Brunch. Not the all-you-can-eat grab anything on offer type, but a sedate prix fixe three course meal.

For $50 you start off with an apéritif of Mimosa, Bloody Mary or soft drinks. Sonia’s Mimosa was nice but my Bloody Mary was a bit salty. The first thing we discovered was that the most intersting starter, the Crab Salad, was finished – disapointing, but there were still seven choices so we plumped for the Roasted Carrots, Duck Prosciutto and Grain Salad and a Rye and Caraway Salmon Gravadlux with “everything Labneh and Rye Crumble”. (Well, this is New York, of course!) Both dishes were well presented but thye were a bit mean on the Duck Prosciutto.


Roasted Carrots, Duck Prosciutto and Grain Salad.

Main courses were better. Sonia’s Halibut with Heirloom Tomato, Seaberies, Seabeans, Spring Onion and Sorghum was correctly cooked and a good harmony of flavours, whilst my Wagyu Steak Coulotte (perfectly cooked rare as requested) with a Bacon Potato salsd, Poached Egg and Frisée was a delight – both a step up in quality over the first course.


Wagyu Steak Coulotte, Bacon Potato Salad, Poached Egg, Frisée

Desserts were good, too, although Sonia’s Chocolate Tart had more intense flavours than my Key Lime Pie Meringue although it did look prettier.


All in all a good experience although perhaps a little pricey what with a glass of fairly nondescript Blaufrankisch at $15 and the usual expected large tip for what was (at least at the begining) fairly ungracious service. $140 for two all in.

But as far as social restaurants are concerned this is certainly in the upper quartile and if you can find a Member to shoehorn you in to this restaurant, it won’t be a bad thing at all.

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