Every Prospect Pleases

Every Prospect Pleases

A great blog by Robert Joseph on another load of Single Issue Fanatics on “factory” wine etc. Check it out on http://thejosephreport.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/big-can-be-beautiful-too-and-small-can.html

These people’s missionary zeal seems to have no bounds and I have taken the liberty to compose a suitable hymn for them which also encompasses the “natural” fanatics credo (with apologies to Reginald Heber).

From Mendoza’s icy mountains to Queensland’s coral strand
Where Afric’s sunny fountains roll down their golden sand
From many an ancient vineyard, from many a Riverland plain
They call us to deliver their land from error’s chain

What though the sulphur breezes blow hard o’er NZ’s isle
And every prospect pleases and only big is vile?
In vain with lavish kindness the gifts of God do come
The heathen in his blindness bows down to chips and gum

Shall we, whose souls are lighted with wisdom from on high
Shall we to those benighted the natural wine deny
Salvation! O Salvation! The joyful sound proclaim
Till earth’s biggest conglomerates has learned Messiah’s name

Waft waft, ye winds, our story and you, ye waters roll
Till like a sea of glory, it spreads from pole to pole
Till o’er our ransomed nature the yeast for sinners slain
Peasant, plough, handmaker, in bliss returns to reign.

You can find the original text on http://www.scriptureandmusic.com/Music/Text_Files/From_Greenlands_Icy_Mountains.html

Happy new year everyone – let this be a year of peace and tranquility all over the world and let everyone be left alone to do their own thing without interference from anybody else.

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