January Quiz Answers and Results

January Quiz Answers and Results

Thank you, very happy with my prize!

Posted by Nils Bugge on Friday, February 19, 2016

Here are the list of winners for the January Quiz… The answers are shown below the winners 🙂


The Winner of the full Hardcover Guide is… Nils Bugge – Well done and congratulations! Please PM us your full home address so we can organise delivery (We now have your address Nils and the book is on its way)

The Winners of the Full Digital Version of the Guide are:
Jon Beale 20 / 20
Tushar 20 / 20
Narendra 20 / 20
We will email / message you with details regarding downloading the Digital Guide

The following got 19 out of 20 and will get coupons to purchase the Digital Guide for only £10
Nick Richards 19 / 20
Erika Viking 19 / 20
James Bercovici 19 / 20

The following got 18 out of 20 and will get coupons to purchase the Digital Guide for 50% off

Matt Day 18 / 20
Zoltán Kopasz 18 / 20
PD Wamhoff 18 / 20
Rohit Negi 18 / 20
Allen Murphey 18 / 20
Claire Grey 18 / 20
Eva Lehotai 18 / 20

Congratulations to all of you, we hope you enjoyed the quiz… Please feel free to comment on what you thought of the quiz. Many thanks


Here are the correct answers to the January Quiz questions:



  1. Sylvaine Garcin-Cathiard is the owner of Ch. Branon and Clos l’Eglise. Which one of these other châteaux does she also own?
  1. Barde-Haut (correct)
  2. Smith-Haut-Laffitte
  3. Tour-Haut-Caussan


  1. Which one of these Burgundian vineyards does not entirely belong to one owner?
  1. Clos de Tart
  2. Clos des Lambrays (correct)
  3. Clos du Château


  1. Which Bordeaux Château was sold by the Cordier family in 2014
  1. Lafaurie-Peyraguey (correct)
  2. Meyney
  3. Talbot


  1. Which Sancerre winemaker developed his winemaking craft in Australia?  
  1. Florian Mollet
  2. Eric Morgat
  3. Pierre Morin (correct)


  1. Three French vignerons formed the “trio infernal” to produce wine together. Where do they produce these wines?
  1. Provence
  2. Piemonte
  3. Priorat (correct)


  1. Which one of these Tuscan vineyard areas is NOT in Chianti?
  1. Colli Apuani (correct)
  2. Colli Senesi
  3. Colli Aretini


  1. Which of these producers do NOT make kosher wine?
  1. de Valandraud
  2. Margalit Winery (correct)
  3. Feudi di San Gregorio


  1. Robert M. Parker (le grand Bob) is the co-owner of which of these three wineries?
  1. Fess Parker
  2. Beaux Fréres (correct)
  3. Municipal Winemakers


  1. Which one of these famous wine critics does NOT own a winery
  1. Armand Diel (Germany)
  2. Victor de la Serna (Spain)
  3. Michel Bettane (France) (correct)


10. Manfred Krankl, of Sine Qua Non in California, has made wine in partnership with which producer in Châteauneuf-du-Pape?

  1. Clos Saint Jean (correct)
  2. Vieux Télégraphe
  3. de Beaucastel


  1. Maturana Tinta is an authorised grape variety in which Spanish wine region?
  1. Priorat
  2. Rioja   (Correct)
  3. Navarra


  1. Which of the following wine regions is not found in South Australia?
  1. Yarra Valley   (Correct)
  2. McLaren Vale
  3. Barossa Valley


  1. Which of the following Cape wine properties is not based in Stellenbosch?
  1. Rustenberg
  2. Stellenzicht
  3. Hamilton Russell Vineyards (Correct)


  1. Almaviva is a cult super-premium red wine coming from which South American country?
  1. Argentina
  2. Uruguay
  3. Chile    (Correct)


  1. Which of the following French appellations is not in the large Languedoc-Roussillon region?
  1. Minervois
  2. Collioure
  3. Madiran          (Correct)


  1. Which of the following New Zealand wineries can be found in the Central Otago region?
  1. Ata Rangi
  2. Two Paddocks           (Correct)
  3. Pegasus Bay


  1. Which of the following grape varieties would you find in the Domaine de Trevallon Provence red produced under the IGP des     Bouches du Rhône classification?
  1. Cabernet Franc
  2. Cabernet Sauvignon (Correct)
  3. Grenache Noir


  1. The term Albariza refers to?
  1. A wooden vessel for ageing wine
  2. A strain of wild yeast
  3. A soil   (Correct)


  1. Which of the following grape varieties is not authorised in the Rhône appellation of Saint-Joseph for white wines?
  1. Grenache Blanc         (Correct)
  2. Marsanne
  3. Roussanne


  1. Which of the following grape varieties is not authorised in the Savoie region?
  1. Savagnin         (Correct)
  2. Altesse
  3. Roussanne
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