Nazar Restaurant Bedford

Nazar Restaurant Bedford

Nazar restaurantSometimes we don’t know too much about what is on our own doorstep. Being based in London we have hundreds of fine restaurants to choose from but we sometimes don’t eat anywhere else in England unless it’s a destination restaurant or we just happen to be passing.

We had occasion to visit a friend in Bedford – a town I must admit I have never been to. We did find it rather charming – more about that in another blog, but included in the charm offence was the discovery of a very good Turkish restaurant in the centre of town. This restaurant is called Nazar and it’s proud of its “Authentic Turkish Cuisine”.

Not that I have ever thought of Turkish cuisine as haut cuisine, but there are plenty of Turkish restaurants around to provide some very satisfying experiences and this certainly was no exception.

Ordering a bottle of Yakut Öküzgözü-Boğazkere 2013 – a medium-bodied red wine with a modicum of upfront fruit, we studied the menu. I plumped immediately for one of my favourite Turkish dishes – Imam Bayaldi – fried aubergine (eggplant) stuffed with mixed peppers, onion, garlic and tomato, Sonia went for Sigara Borek, rolled filo pastry stuffed with feta cheesed and parsley. Our guest chose the fried Halumi cheese – both I felt were a little on the dry side.

For our main courses, I picked a classic Kleftiko – (Kuzo Incik), slow-cooked lamb shank with root vegetables and mashed potatoes – the good thing about it was that it wasn’t cooked to hardness as I have witnessed so many times at functions where this dish has become something of a regular feature. Sonia’s Ali Nazak lamb pieces, cooked pink as she had ordered and tempered with a bitingly sour yoghurt dressing highlighted the contrasts of this dish. Our companion’s Islim Kebab (lamb wrapped in aubergine (eggplant) and baked with peppers and carrots was also succulent.

We didn’t have time for a dessert and as this is not a detailed review I am not going to rate it. I will need to come a second time to do that, but it is certainly, on the evidence we experienced so far, a place where you will not be disappointe

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