Summer Holiday Sale

Summer Holiday Sale

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As you sit sampling the local wine whilst you are on your holiday in foreign climes and just thinking how good that wine is and how cheap it is compared with what you would have to pay for it back home, you are wondering how the hell you can bring some back in your luggage and making sure that the bottles arrive home intact.




Well, readers of our website at will know that there is a way to ensure just that, whether they are bottles of local plonk, Cru Classés, Gran Reservas, Super Tuscans or vintage Champagnes, which will allow you to proudly fondle those bottles when you unpack at home, drooling at the anticipated pleasure of drinking the wines at the appropriate moment. And the versatility of this suitcase is second to none.

In order to help you realise this dream, we are offering a special discount of 20% off the retail price of £297 of our very special wine-carrying suitcase – VinGardeValise® just for the month of June.

Watch this short video to see just how versatile the VingardeValise is!


When you get to the Cart (CLICK HERE), just type in the coupon code “summersale20” to get your discount. Delivery is free in the UK but delivery charges apply elsewhere. Just type in your address on the form to find out.

Happy traveling and happy drinking!

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