Wine Guides – Want to learn about specific wine regions? Check out all the areas and regions available

Wine Guides – Want to learn about specific wine regions? Check out all the areas and regions available

Syrah (Navalcarnero)Now you may be wondering just why we have named this area of the website … “Wine Guides”, plural … rather than …“Wine Guide”, singular.

Well no, we’re not suddenly recommending other wine guides here, we are in fact though, doing something that we have never done before.

We have made the decision that we wanted to achieve three specific goals for the “Wine Behind The Label” guide.

  1. We wanted to make the content from our multiple award-winning, “Wine Behind The Label” Wine Guide, available to as many people as possible.
  2. We wanted to make access to it, as affordable as possible.
  3. We wanted people to be able to access only parts of the guide, if that was indeed what they wanted.

In other words, we wanted to make all parts of the guide accessible to everyone, and we simply didn’t want “the price tag” to be a deciding factor.

That commitment led us to the decision, that for the first time, we were going to make the complete “Wine Behind The Label Guide”, available in individual component parts.

That way, anyone could “build” the guide themselves, to suit their own tastes, and perhaps even their own travel plans.

Not only that, but we decided to make one specific part of the Wine Guide … completely free of charge.

What that means is, that you can immediately download the entire “Rhône Valley Wine” section of the guide, directly from us here … for free … right at the bottom of this page.

The mini “Rhône Valley Wine Guide”, is packed with well over 100 pages of the most informative Rhône Valley wine and vineyard related content, that you will find anywhere on the printed or digital page.

Rest assured too, that the content in each of the subsequent Mini-Guides, is directly, word for word, drawn from the actual content of the full award-winning guide itself.

So the mini-guides represent more than just a genuine “taste” of what you can expect from the full guide … taken together as a set … they ARE the full guide!

Accessing the guide in this way, allows readers to effectively purchase the complete guide, in a way that suits their interests and travel plans.

On top of that, we have also added below, some “taster content” from each of the listed wine guide regions.

They too will give the reader a great early feel, for the quality, scope, and reach, of the information available in each of the individual mini-wine guides, as well as the full guide itself.

Simply choose which region you are specifically interested in, and head over to that particular page for more information regarding that region.

You will notice that we have divided the Wine Guide up into 30 different Countries or Regions, allowing the reader to be selective in deciding which parts of the guide best suit their initial needs.

Perhaps you are planning on visiting only two or three different parts of France for instance. Well, with the flexibility of the new Kindle Mini-Wine Guides series, you can download onto your mobile device, the exact guide chapters that you need for your trip, and take them along with you, in digital form.

That way you can access the exact portions of the guide you need, without necessarily needing to purchase the whole world-wide guide.

These mini guides then, are all being are being fully rolled out over the next few months, and will be available via Amazon Kindle Books.

Or alternatively, you can of course download them right here on this page as they become available.

So enjoy your free “Rhône Valley Wine Guide” first, with our compliments, and please feel free to add to your collection at any time!

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