Wise words from Jancis Robinson

Wise words from Jancis Robinson

jancis_robinson, english wine producersI really enjoyed reading Jancis Robinson’s article in the FT about wine tasting. You can read it yourself here

I was particularly impressed with the paragraph on the number of different flavours some people purport to find in a wine.

My webmaster, Paul, admits that he is completely ignorant about wine and all these things are well above him – he is confused about it all and I wish there was a way for wine communicators to “faîtes simple” as Escoffier used to say in another medium. I try to be as explicit as I can without going into written diarrhoea about it because that stuff is well above the heads of 98% of the population – even those who want to know a bit more about wine.

I think it was Jilly Goolden who started all these flowery descriptions in the UK. I was always tempted to write to her and say “please Jilly, could you recommend a wine that actually tastes of grapes?”

We try and be sensible about describing wines at Wine behind the label – yes our guide IS for experienced wine enthusiasts but also we hope for those who know just a little, but are also anxious to increase their knowledge.

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