Confirmation of Gift!




Would you like to Gift Wine behind the label? This is what your recipient will receive!


If you have bought a copy of Wine behind the label as a gift this notification is what your friend, family member or work colleague will receive so they will be able to look out for their print book!  We will let them know when it is on its way!

This of course entitles them to a FREE, UPDATED, DIGITAL VERSION! This will be published on 20 December and sent to them via File Transfer. 

It is important when buying your gift that you remember on the checkout page, in the panel that provides for a delivery address which is different from your billing address just state that ‘This is a gift to:’ followed by the name and full address of the recipient – don’t forget to include their phone number and email address as we will email the recipient immediately to inform them that you have gifted them a copy of Wine behind the Label which will be delivered to them direct from the printer. 


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