South Australia Wine Guide


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Almost half of all Australian wine comes from South Australia. The bulk of the cheaper wine comes from the Riverland area, on the Murray River close to Victoria, while many premium wines (red, white and fortified) are made from regions that range from baking hot to distinctly cool. Quality in all the established regions is producer-dependent, as many have chosen to maximise profits by concentrating their efforts on marketing and distribution rather than producing ever better wines. From both the latest wave of high-quality small producers and some of the more established names, the wines are increasingly vineyard-specific and less about winemaking technique but great wines also continue to be blended from a range of mesoclimates. There is also a trend in favour of experimenting with alternative varieties, notably Italian and Spanish, but also Austrian and Portuguese. It can result in some exciting, textured wines at the drier end of the spectrum, though prices tend to be high, especially if these wines are compared with their European counterparts.

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