USA & North America Wine Guide


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The USA is far and away the most important of the North American wine producing countries. However an increasing number of decent examples now emerge from Niagara and the Okanagan Valley in Canada and from the Baja Peninsula in Mexico directly to the south of California. California though, is the nucleus of wine production in the USA. There are also the now very well established wine regions of Oregon and Washington State. Elsewhere quality wine production is limited to just a handful of states. However grapes other than vinifera varieties are grown throughout the country. In New York State, for example, hybrid varieties are popular in the production of kosher wines and grape juice. Wines from these tend to have what is quaintly referred to as a ‘foxy’ character. A very damp pet dog smells not dissimilar. The best developments have been in Virginia, New York, in particular Long Island, in Maryland and to the far south in Arizona. The odd reasonable bottle has also emerged from Texas and the state may have real potential.

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