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We are delighted to announce that the 12th editions of Wine behind the label are now published.

Major profile updates in the fine wine regions

New winery profiles and all existing profiles updated

Over 4,000 wineries with full profiles

Over 7,000 wineries covered with wines rated

Approaching 27,000 wines rated

Vintage reports and ratings

Wine region maps

Winemaker awards

Stellar cellar awards

Glossary of grapes winegrowing, wine terms, appellations and regions

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The New 12th editions of Wine behind the label are now available

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“This is an astonishing achievement. One cannot even begin to imagine the hours and dedication that have gone into a publication like this”

– Tamlyn Currin, Jancis

The 12th edition of Wine Behind the Label has now been published with its most comprehensive analysis to date of wine producers, their vineyards and their wines.

The guide remains unique in that it features not only the most up to date profiles of individual wineries from all the main producing countries of the world. It also gives full ratings and scores for their wines.

As a result it has become known as “the sommelier’s best friend” and is widely used by sommeliers, and other wine professionals, both in their training, as research for professional exams, and as a day to day resource in their working lives.

Wine behind the label is published by joint editors, David Moore and the Late Neville Blech.

The 12th edition includes full profiles of over 4,000 wineries. There are almost 7,000 wineries featured in total, with close to 27,000 different wines rated and scored.

New winery profiles and all existing profiles updated. Major profile updates in the fine wine regions including Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhȏne, Piedmont, Tuscany and the Napa Valley among them.

The guide has been updated to include all the latest wines and ratings from the 2019 northern hemisphere vintage and the 2020 vintage in the southern hemisphere.

Wine behind the label contains the most accurate information possible about wineries and their wines as it relies on a network of some of the biggest names in the international wine writing community to help compile many of the chapters, profiles and wine ratings. It is their work and expertise that has helped Wine behind the label become seen as THE reference book for professional and amateur wine lovers alike.

Contributors to the 11th edition include Jim Budd (Loire Valley), Michael Edwards (Champagne, Alsace and Burgundy), Professor Kathleen Burk (Germany, Austria and Virginia) and Wink Lorch (Jura & Savoie). It also includes work from previous contributors, including Sarah Ahmed, Maggie Rosen Ilona Thompson, Gary White, and Stuart George.

A key feature of the Wine behind the label guide is its full range of regional maps, with great detail of all the main wine producing areas of the world and which have been substantially updated to include the latest appellations and viticultural areas throughout the world.

It also includes comprehensive glossaries for wine and viticulture terms along with a guide to all the main grape varieties.

Previous editions of the guide have received international acclaim. The most recent coming from the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin which gave it a special prize in its international wine awards for its contribution to wine education and knowledge.

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