★ a wine of good quality, not just sound but of good fruit and with some character.
★★ a wine with more depth, interest and concentration, usually with some aging potential
★★★ a very good, even fine, wine. In the case of many reds repaying lengthy cellaring.
★★★★ a wine of very high quality, among the very best even in a top appellation or region.
★★★★★ outstanding quality, potentially a classic.
✪✪✪✪✪ super 5 stars, restricted to the true classics, out-and-out world class.
✩ white stars are used to show a superior wine at a given rating
A code is provided which represents an estimated retail price bracket and it is based on the standard
75cl bottle size. Price codes for those wines produced only in 1.5 litre (magnums), 50 cl (half litre) or
37.5 cl (half bottle) formats have been given 75cl equivalents. A half bottle costing £10.00/$15.00 for
instance will have a price code of £D.
£A: less than £8 ($10) £E: £25 – 35 ($32-$45)
£B: £8 – 12 ($10-$15) £F: £35 – 60 ($45-$$77)
£C: £12 – 18 ($15-$23) £G: £60 – 100 ($77-$130)
£D: £18 – 25 ($23-$32) £H: £100 or more ($130 or more)
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