Elystan Street

Elystan Street

It’s always nice to find a local neighbourhood restaurant that offers top quality food at reasonable prices. Mind you, you may have to compromise by taking a lunch menu offer, but that’s no bad thing.

Sonia and I are very lucky to have a few great restaurants near where we live and having been prompted by Elystan Street with a little note through our door and not having been there for a while we thought we should try it again.

Currently, they are doing a super value 3 course lunch for £30 and here are our impressions on what we ate.

The smoked velouté of mackerel came as a surprise as we were expecting a  kind of mousse, but it was a very light creamy velouté soup which was a lovely surprise, especially on a cold day and the crispy slice of muffin was a welcomed accompaniment.

A perfectly ripe green  beautiful slick avocado,  dressed with a crispy tangy mixture of bacon shallots the citrus dressing was really delicious and very refreshing.

Dressed Spanish avocado with a chive and bacon vinaigrette and crisp shallot crumbs

The fillet of Cornish cod was prettily shallow fried –  moist and delicate. the purple broccoli spears and scallions called Calmest added a beautiful dimension of exoticism and slightly different taste to vulgar spring onion. They very kindly did not serve it with the red wine and anchovy sauce (we don’t like anchovy) and the very light spice butter jus that came with it was delicious. The breast of chicken tasted  as reared farm chicken used to taste; homely, fresh and juicy and  went very well with the pureé of Jerusalem artichoke, hazelnut and pesto .

As for the deserts – slight – as not to feel guilty to devour them: creme caramel with golden raisins soaked in Sauternes; and very thinly sliced blood oranges slightly warmed with vanilla ice cream.

An Etna Rosso carafe (375ml) from Claurla at £26 and two Prosecco Bellinis at £9.50 each with some sparkling water brought the bill up to £121.33 including  a 12.5% service charge – but……

A lovely light meal and at such a reasonable and honest price, but wine prices are rather fierce!
We would love to repeat the experience

Elystan Street 

43 Elystan Street

Tel: 020 7628 5005

Email: info@elystanstreet.com

Website: https://www.elystanstreet.com/

Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.


Ratings (Lunch only)

Food                           47

Wine list                    12

Service                        9

Ambience                   4

Value for Money    13


Total                           85


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