Winery reviews 

We will be maintaining a regular blog with wineries selected from the 10th edition of Wine behind the label. These will be selected on the basis of different themes: appellations, award winners, top examples of grape varieties and so on. The profile will be posted but of course if you wish to have the ratings you will need to acquire a guide. Enjoy the selection.

Restaurant reviews 

We’ll bring you reviews based on personal experience of restaurants we have visited. Sometimes we will visit on two or more occasions before we make a final assessment and you can see how we make our ratings on this page.

In most high-class establishments, the food is too cheap and the wines are too expensive. A lot of work goes in to preparing first class food, from the time taken selecting ingredients, to the time taken in preparing, cooking, serving; and if you compared the hourly cost of labour per dish, it comes nowhere near to what you are paying to have your car serviced. And most of the time, wine service is just pulling a cork. (Well, not quite!)

We will continue to mark down establishments, where the wine prices are outrageous, but we will bear in mind the cost of producing first class cuisine. What we are really looking for is a memorable experience.



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