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Simi Winery Alexander Valley

This winery was originally established in 1876 by the immigrant Italian Simi family and is now a part of the Constellation Brands Icon Estate range. The wines here have been improving across recent vintages, they are altogether more accessible than previously, particularly in the case of the lower priced Sonoma County wines. Sauvignon Blanc is […]

Geyser Peak Winery Alexander Valley

This is a substantial operation with an extensive range. The California Series varietal wines are generally sound and tend to emphasize straightforward fruit characters. With the exception of the Sonoma County Chardonnay the other wines take the California appellation. A level up are the wines produced under the Appellation Series banner and as well as […]

Clos du Bois Wines Alexander Valley

Large-volume winery producing close to half a million cases annually. The straightforward Sonoma Classic range, mainly under the North Coast AVA, is the mainstay of the winery but they can be impressive. Appellation Reserve wines are a step up, but it is the vineyard-designated and Winemakers Reserve cuvées which are the benchmarks here. Winemakers Reserve […]

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