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Piedmont celebrates bumper 2016 harvest and a good year for Barolos

Wine producers in Piedmont in north west Italy are celebrating what they say is going to be a good, strong harvest, with grapes for their Barolo wines looking particularly healthy. Wine growers  across the region have been largely happy with the outcome of the harvest, reporting a bumper crop in some places and overall good high […]

Damilano Barolo

This is a historic Barolo producer recently revived by a younger generation with help from Giuseppe Caviola. Over the past few years, vineyard holdings (owned or rented) have grown from 5 ha to 73 ha and the number of Barolo crus has now increased from two to four, plus their entry level Barolo, Lecinquevigne, blended […]

Renato Corino Barolo

Renato Corino and his brother Giuliano decided on an amicable division of their family estate in 2006 and it will be interesting to see what stylistic differences emerge between them in the coming years. Renato has 5 ha but retained Rocche dell’ Annunziata and Roncaglie as well as a share of Arborina and part of […]

Giovanni Corino Barolo

Another producer of the Annunziata sub-zone in La Morra making modernstyled, fruit-rich Barolo. Giuliano Corino recently split the estate with his brother Renato (see below) retaining 7 ha but the wines under this label have a fine track record – highlighting the quality inherent in Giachini, a small 3.5 ha cru, immediately east of Rocche […]

Cordero di Montezemolo Barolo

Well-directed estate with modern, pristine cellars, drawing on 29 ha of vineyard (much of it owned) centred on the spur of Monfalletto in Annunziata. The property has been transformed over two decades and the wines since 1995 are impressive. Maceration times are now very short and there is much experimentation with different types of new […]

Elvio Cogno Barolo

Wedged against the Monforte and Barolo communes in the south-west of the Barolo zone is a decent chunk of the Novello commune. It’s sole significant and historic cru, Ravera, is given expression by both Cogno and M&E ABBONA. From their 9 ha of vineyard, Nadia Cogno’s husband, Walter Fissore, makes robustly flavoured wines with an […]

Ciabot Berton Barolo

The ciabot (shelter) refers to a ruin in the midst of the 7 ha Roggeri cru where the fireworks produced by a certain Signor Berton blew the roof off. Now 4 ha of these south-east facing slopes are cultivated by Marco Oberto for another fine interpretation of Nebbiolo in La Morra. The hard argillaceous soils […]

Michele Chiarlo Barolo

With 110ha, Chiarlo is one of the most substantial vineyard owners in Piedmont. A major part of this is for Barbera d’Asti production but it also includes some top crus for Nebbiolo and a chunk of Gavi. While the wines are competently made it is often the Barberas (particularly the consistently fine La Court) that […]

Ceretto Barolo

In the 1970s Ceretto evolved from an old-style merchant house into a modern one owning most of its grape sources. Of the many fabulous sites, the most famous perhaps is the Bricco Asili cru, (confusingly nearly all the Barbarescos produced carry this name) but it is in Barolo’s Bricco Rocche (which adjoins Villero in Castiglione […]

Cavallotto Barolo

Cavallotto’s 23 ha of vineyard constitute the Bricco Boschis estate. In the past Cavallotto’s wines have tended to lack excitement but the input of a new generation of three brothers are having an impact and the most recent releases have made the most of nature’s beneficence. A traditionally minded producer, Cavallotto ages the wines in […]

Brovia Barolo

Sisters Elena and Cristina Brovia, aided by their father Giacinto, regularly produce full, muscular but ageworthy Barolo from local plots and another (Cą Mia) in Serralunga, all without the aid of small new oak barrels. Instead, large 3,000-litre French oak is used following a relatively long maceration of around 20 days. The elegance of Rocche […]

Bussia Soprana Barolo

Silvano Casiraghi has a minority stake in some of the crus made famous by ALDO CONTERNO. Excellent Barolos are produced from part of 22 ha of vineyards. The wines have been particularly good since the mid-nineties. Lesser-known Mosconi, from the south of the commune, is in a more rugged, powerful style that provides an interesting […]

Boroli Barolo

The Borolis are gaining an excellent reputation for deep, evocative Barolo of classic depth and stature. Villero is their magic cru from which an intensity and depth is harnessed that suggests there is always more to come, even after 10 years’. Regular Barolo, also from Castiglione Falletto vineyards, is very good too (50% in large […]

Ascheri Barolo

Matteo Ascheri has an energy to match his bear-like stature. A list of his accomplishments includes planting Viognier and Syrah at Bra (outside the Barolo zone), creating the Osteria Murivecchi in the family’s old cellars, promoting the Langhe at home and abroad – yet all the while maintaining realistic prices and good quality. Matteo believes […]

Elio Altare Barolo

Elio Altare is La Morra’s and Barolo’s great moderniser as well as mentor to a group of other small growers – ALESSANDRIA, CORINO, Silvio GRASSO, MOLINO, REVELLO and VEGLIO. Radically low yields, short maceration times and rows of barriques are now common to all but nobody else quite manages to get the extra depth and […]

Gianfranco Alessandria Barolo

Gianfranco Alessandria is an inspired young grower with a range of ripe, full and stylish reds. From 5.5 ha of vineyards at Monforte, (plus 1.5 ha rented) the top wines all show a measure of new oak but it is never obvious or allowed to dominate. An intense Barbera Vittoria from over 65-year-old vines, and […]

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