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Schloss Lieser Mittel Mosel

Thomas Haag, who is the son of Wilhelm Haag (and brother of Oliver) of the Fritz HAAG estate, has been responsible for the much-improved quality that has revitalised this once-famous 11.5 ha estate centred on the Lieser Niederberg Helden site. His taut, intense and ripe Rieslings add richness and complexity in the higher Prädikat styles […]

Max-Ferd Richter Mittel Mosel

Dr Dirk Richter is the current director of this family estate, established over 300 years ago. The 17 ha of vineyards are in some of the Mittel Mosel’s best sites. There is a characteristic ripeness and intensity, and the fine acidity and the class of the top vineyards comes through. No two wines are quite […]

Dr Loosen Vineyard Mittel Mosel

Probably the best-known quality producer from the Mosel today, Ernst Loosen has achieved a remarkable transformation in both the quality and image of a 22 ha estate with some choice Mittel Mosel plots. The approach is organic and non-interventionist and the wines have lovely depth and intensity but also real elegance and a distinctive expression […]

Carl Loewen Vineyard Mittel Mosel

Karl-Josef Loewen has been a champion of the very good Laurentiuslay vineyard which lies at the heart of his 12 ha estate. Here he produces Rieslings with lovely finesse and expression: minerally and spicy with a suggestion of elderflower. They are also characterised by excellent balance and length of flavour. Bottlings from individually numbered casks […]

Sybille Kuntz Mittel Mosel

This small estate of 10 ha run by Sybille Kuntz and her husband is a rising star in the Mosel. The vineyards are well established, primarily in Lieser Niederberg-Helden, and the focus is on dry wines. A regular bottling is surpassed by Gold-Quadrat and Dreistern. The latter has unusual breadth and depth for dry Mosel […]

Weingut Fritz Haag Mittel Mosel

This historic estate known as Dusemonder Hof of 14 ha produces some of the finest, most elegant Rieslings in the Mosel from the heart of its one of its greatest sites, Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr. The village of Dusemond was only renamed Brauneberg in 1925 due to the fame of its vineyards. Wilhelm Haag is not only […]

JJ Christoffel Mittel Mosel

The recently retired Hans Leo Christoffel has leased his minute holding (4 ha) of Riesling vines to neighbour Robert Eymael (MÖNCHHOF/ROBERT EYMAEL), who has taken full responsibility for the wines’ production and sale. However a separate identity has been maintained for the wines, over which Christoffel still has some influence. The Ürziger Würzgarten wines are […]

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