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Restaurant Wine Lists

I have long been fascinated by restaurant wine lists – even before the days I ran a restaurant for 23 years. I think that nothing irks people so much than to see a wine in a restaurant marked up, 3, 4, or even 5 times or more over retail prices. The restaurateurs will tell you […]

That was the week that was – September 17-24

Back in circulation, the biggest news of the week is that we have been appointed UK online distributor for VinGardeValise® – the suitcase specially designed for carrying your precious wines around the world. Maybe you want fly home some of those great wines you tasted on holiday or maybe you want to find a safe […]

That was the week that was AUGUST 1-8

The major announcement for this week, is that we are promoting a new range of glasses to compliment our Zalto range. They are also hand blown (well, mouth-blown!) from lead-free crystal in Austria and their unique shape with their conical base and double angled bends allows the wine to breathe whilst also concentrating the aromas. […]

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