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Luigi Einaudi Dolcetto di Dogliani

This estate was made famous by the first president of the Italian republic, but has been recently reinvigorated by Paola Einaudi and her husband Giorgio Ruffo. Though Dogliani-based, with 30 ha of Dolcetto vineyards, other plots provide grapes for top-flight Barolo. Costa Grimaldi is a very complete and harmonious Barolo with great intensity and a […]

Damilano Barolo

This is a historic Barolo producer recently revived by a younger generation with help from Giuseppe Caviola. Over the past few years, vineyard holdings (owned or rented) have grown from 5 ha to 73 ha and the number of Barolo crus has now increased from two to four, plus their entry level Barolo, Lecinquevigne, blended […]

Matteo Correggia Roero

Roero’s inspirational grower died tragically in June 2001. His legacy from 14 years of undinting effort is Nebbiolo and Barbera of unprecedented quality from the ‘other’ (northern) side of the River Tanaro. Ornella Correggia is now assisted by Luca Rostagno in her efforts to maintain quality. Both Nebbiolo and Barbera undergo a relatively short maceration […]

Renato Corino Barolo

Renato Corino and his brother Giuliano decided on an amicable division of their family estate in 2006 and it will be interesting to see what stylistic differences emerge between them in the coming years. Renato has 5 ha but retained Rocche dell’ Annunziata and Roncaglie as well as a share of Arborina and part of […]

Giovanni Corino Barolo

Another producer of the Annunziata sub-zone in La Morra making modernstyled, fruit-rich Barolo. Giuliano Corino recently split the estate with his brother Renato (see below) retaining 7 ha but the wines under this label have a fine track record – highlighting the quality inherent in Giachini, a small 3.5 ha cru, immediately east of Rocche […]

Cordero di Montezemolo Barolo

Well-directed estate with modern, pristine cellars, drawing on 29 ha of vineyard (much of it owned) centred on the spur of Monfalletto in Annunziata. The property has been transformed over two decades and the wines since 1995 are impressive. Maceration times are now very short and there is much experimentation with different types of new […]

Elvio Cogno Barolo

Wedged against the Monforte and Barolo communes in the south-west of the Barolo zone is a decent chunk of the Novello commune. It’s sole significant and historic cru, Ravera, is given expression by both Cogno and M&E ABBONA. From their 9 ha of vineyard, Nadia Cogno’s husband, Walter Fissore, makes robustly flavoured wines with an […]

Fratelli Cigliuti Barbaresco

The cru of Serraboella occupies slopes south-east of, and across from the town of Neive. It is shared between Cigliuti and PAITIN. Of Renato Cigliuti’s 6 ha, 2.5 with a south-west aspect are planted to Nebbiolo. The resultant Barbaresco shows the craft of a dedicated grower. Concentrated, it shows some oak influence and quite powerful […]

Ciabot Berton Barolo

The ciabot (shelter) refers to a ruin in the midst of the 7 ha Roggeri cru where the fireworks produced by a certain Signor Berton blew the roof off. Now 4 ha of these south-east facing slopes are cultivated by Marco Oberto for another fine interpretation of Nebbiolo in La Morra. The hard argillaceous soils […]

Quinto Chionetti Dolcetto di Dogliani

The benchmark producer in Dogliani now has plenty of competition (Anna Maria ABBONA, M&E ABBONA, Luigi EINAUDI, PECCHENINO and others). Of some 14 ha, six are designated Briccolero, but these are often given a close run by the rest, sold as San Luigi. Both are delicious, perfumed, full of fruit and best with 1–2 years’ […]

Michele Chiarlo Barolo

With 110ha, Chiarlo is one of the most substantial vineyard owners in Piedmont. A major part of this is for Barbera d’Asti production but it also includes some top crus for Nebbiolo and a chunk of Gavi. While the wines are competently made it is often the Barberas (particularly the consistently fine La Court) that […]

Ceretto Barolo

In the 1970s Ceretto evolved from an old-style merchant house into a modern one owning most of its grape sources. Of the many fabulous sites, the most famous perhaps is the Bricco Asili cru, (confusingly nearly all the Barbarescos produced carry this name) but it is in Barolo’s Bricco Rocche (which adjoins Villero in Castiglione […]

Cavallotto Barolo

Cavallotto’s 23 ha of vineyard constitute the Bricco Boschis estate. In the past Cavallotto’s wines have tended to lack excitement but the input of a new generation of three brothers are having an impact and the most recent releases have made the most of nature’s beneficence. A traditionally minded producer, Cavallotto ages the wines in […]

Caudrina Moscato d’Asti

Moscato d’Asti may not age but Romano Dogliotti has been making some of the finest examples for over 20 years. He applied new technologies to grapes (off steep slopes to the east of Barbaresco) first vinified by his father. La Caudrina is light, floral and grapy with a certain elegance. The intense and tangy La […]

Cascina Val del Prete Roero

Mario Roagna has transformed the grapes from 8 ha of family vineyards into a small fine range of wines in recent years, maximising the potential from a natural amphitheatre of vines first worked, then purchased back in 1977, by his late father, Lino (Bartolomeo). Over the years, farming has been organic and fermentation is only […]

Castellari Bergaglio Gavi

Really decent Gavi is a relatively rare entity but Mario Bergaglio and his wife Vanda produce not just one but four fine examples from more than 10 ha of vineyards. The wines are perfumed with lots of fruit intensity and real depth and penetration on the palate. The wines are balanced too and underpinned by […]

Cascina Chicco Roero

The Faccenda brothers, Enrico and Marco, have 20 ha from which a broad range of good-quality Langhe wines are produced. An excellent Barbera is usually better than anything else – a suave, spicy and scented Bric Loira that is aged in barriques. However in the best years for Nebbiolo this is rivalled by a fine […]

Cantina del Pino Barbaresco

Up to and including the 96 vintage Renato Vacca’s family sold their grapes to the Produttori del BARBARESCO. Given the general high quality of the latter’s releases it should not come as any great surprise that some of their growers have the potential for very good Barbaresco indeed. In the case of Cantina del Pino […]

Ca’Viola Dolcetto d’Alba

Beppe Caviola has given many a small Piemontesi grower the technical help to produce wines of the standard to ensure they are in demand both in Italy and abroad. More recently his expertise has also been sought throughout Italy including by UMANI RONCHI in the Marche. Though a modernist, he earns respect particularly because he […]

Piero Busso Barbaresco

Piero Busso controls 10 ha from the heart of the Neive commune and believes in a natural expression of each variety and the importance of place (or tipicitą). He has little time for technology but there is some use of barriques. There are now 4 Barbaresco crus following the addition of Gallina in 1999 and […]

Brovia Barolo

Sisters Elena and Cristina Brovia, aided by their father Giacinto, regularly produce full, muscular but ageworthy Barolo from local plots and another (Cą Mia) in Serralunga, all without the aid of small new oak barrels. Instead, large 3,000-litre French oak is used following a relatively long maceration of around 20 days. The elegance of Rocche […]

Bussia Soprana Barolo

Silvano Casiraghi has a minority stake in some of the crus made famous by ALDO CONTERNO. Excellent Barolos are produced from part of 22 ha of vineyards. The wines have been particularly good since the mid-nineties. Lesser-known Mosconi, from the south of the commune, is in a more rugged, powerful style that provides an interesting […]

Braida Barbera d’Asti

Plenty has been written about Giacomo Bologna, who was one of Piedmont’s great characters as well as innovators. Bricco dell’Uccellone, first made in 1982, is the original oak-aged Barbera of outsized proportions. Bricco della Bigotta can often match it, while Ai Suma, which incorporates late-harvested grapes, can be even richer and more powerful. All should […]

Bricco Maiolica Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba

Beppe Accomo’s 24 ha estate is arguably the best in this zone, rivalled only by that of Claudio ALARIO. Nebbiolo, like CORREGGIA’S or CASCINA CHICCO’S (both in Roero), is one of the few in the Langhe outside Barolo and Barbaresco to be taken seriously. Then there are really good examples of Barbera and Dolcetto too. […]

Bava Barbera d’Asti

Advertising and marketing have given this medium-sized producer a higher profile than many in Piedmont, despite its being closer to Torino than any of the leading wine towns. However there is also serious intent here from the Bava brothers with several good ageworthy Barbera the main quality focus. The two top examples, Pianoalto and Stradivario […]

Boroli Barolo

The Borolis are gaining an excellent reputation for deep, evocative Barolo of classic depth and stature. Villero is their magic cru from which an intensity and depth is harnessed that suggests there is always more to come, even after 10 years’. Regular Barolo, also from Castiglione Falletto vineyards, is very good too (50% in large […]

Produttori del Barbaresco

This super co-op manages around a sixth (100 ha) of Barbaresco’s relatively tiny vineyard area. It is democratically run and winemaker Gianni Testa adheres to traditional lines with lengthy maceration and ageing in large botti. But what perfume, grace and charm they achieve in the top crus in a good vintage! These wines are a […]

Ascheri Barolo

Matteo Ascheri has an energy to match his bear-like stature. A list of his accomplishments includes planting Viognier and Syrah at Bra (outside the Barolo zone), creating the Osteria Murivecchi in the family’s old cellars, promoting the Langhe at home and abroad – yet all the while maintaining realistic prices and good quality. Matteo believes […]

Araldica Vini Piemontesi Barbera d’Asti

Araldica is a large co-op with 300 members and 900 ha of vineyard. Under the direction of Claudio Manera it has become synonymous with approachable soundly made Piemontese reds and whites. Acquisitions in recent years, including Il Cascinone in the Monferrato hills (where the vineyards have been restored) and La Battistina in Gavi, are now […]

Antichi Vigneti di Cantalupo Ghemme

Ghemme’s one producer that gives real credibility to the zone’s DOCG status. Input from top enologist Donato Lanati helps even if in the main the wines follow a fairly traditional, unadventurous vinification. Typically rather austere and firm when young, the wines mellow with age and their already enticing perfumes become ever more complex. While the […]

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