A pre Brexit offer

A pre Brexit offer


 Mark Thomas lead free Crystal Glassware from Austria

Now is a good time to acquire beautiful Mark Thomas lead free wine glasses, hand blown in Austria.  Wine behind the label represents and sells Mark Thomas Glassware in the UK and Ireland.  We can assure you of a 20% discount on our range until 29 March 2019. Head over to the Shop to find out more details on each of the glasses and make your order here Mark Thomas Glasses Shop using discount code mt20off at the checkout. These exciting new shaped glasses are delivered free of charge to UK customers directly from the factory in Austria. Prices include UK VAT. For customers outside the UK, please enquire about delivery costs.

For those who have not yet discovered the unique design of the Mark Thomas “Double Bend” range we hope the detail that follows may inspire you!

All the glasses are perfect for a special occasion as well as for everyday use. The designs were created to assure optimum robustness and favourably compare to industrial machine glasses when it comes to ease of cleaning, durability and longevity. They are dishwasher safe. Frequent washing will not cloud the glass and reduce the transparency of the crystalline. This has been achieved as a result of the exclusion of lead oxide in each manufacturing step. 

With two angles the glasses have a conical base, designed to accommodate small tasting pours and make it easier to swirl the wine. The glass then bends and widens to allow the wine to breathe, before a second bend narrows it sharply to concentrate aromas.

Thomas Zichtl, Mark Thomas director, says that “the design aerates the wines just as well as much bigger glasses, while the double bend brings in additional stability due to a different stress ratio on the glass”.

Absorb the experience of drinking your wine from hand blown, lead free glassware. Venetian glass making has been a tradition since the 11th century and the manufacture of high quality, hand-made glassware expanded to Continental Europe in the 12 th and 13 th centuries. Today artists in the glassmaking trade still draw on the experience and tradition of their ancestors.

While the quality of the raw materials has improved and become more varied over the decades, the manufacturing process of a hand blown glass still remains very much unchanged and requires years of expertise by highly skilled glassblowers to assure a robust quality and consistent design.

Add wine to this history with the modern design Mark Thomas glassware provides and you have a winning combination. Shop here:  https://www.winebehindthelabel.org/mark-thomas-lead-free-chrystal-glassware

For inspiration on “which wine” to add,  the 11 th edition of Wine Behind the Label is available in either digital or print format  and you can find these here: 

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