Barolo MGA II

Barolo MGA II

It’s a while since I updated you on what is going on but we have been head down preparing for the 11th edition of Wine behind the label.

We are still a little way off completing that but in the meantime, here is the Latest from us.

First and foremost we are pleased to announce that Alessandro Masnaghetti has produced an important update to his Opus Magnum – Barolo MGA. Barolo MGA II is due for publication at the end of April and will be available in the UK at £69 including delivery.

This tremendous detailed work is a must have for all students and lovers of Italian wine and updates on vintages, recent history, rarities and much more.

Once again we are offering a pre-publication discounted price on Alessandro’s latest book and all orders and payments received before the end of February 2018 will be able to purchase it for £59 in the UK. Orders for delivery to other countries will be individually priced depending on where the book is to be sent.

Please note that we cannot send the book to the USA, Australia, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany or Hong Kong as Alessandro already has agents in these countries.

To order please go to

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For members, David has posted up the latest updates in advance of the publication of the 11th edition of the guide.

More soon

Happy drinking, happy eating and happy travelling!


Neville and David

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